OPI Fiji // Review + Live Swatches!


I used two coats for:

  • Living on the Bula-Vard!
  • Two-Timing the Zones
  • Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon
  • Is That a Spear In Your Pocket?
  • Suzi Without a Paddle
  • Super Tropical-i-fiji-istic
  • Polly Wants a Lacquer?
  • I Can Never Hut Up
  • Coconuts Over OPI

I used three coats for:

  • No Tan Lines
  • Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet
  • Do You Sea What I Sea?


  1. Suzi without a paddle is awesome!!

  2. i love everyone, there all so pretty. nd some of them are bright nd others are neutral. im obsessed wit all! how much does each bottle cost?

  3. One of them looks like Mint Candy Apple from Essie

  4. Do you see what i see? Is like not exactly but kind of galaxy and really cool

  5. Exotic birds do not tweet omg i love that one ?

  6. All are gorgeous but I especially loved the yellow and light turquoise ?

  7. i like suzi without a paddle

  8. Hi again! So excited you answered my comment yay! 🙂 Dunno why YouTube didn't let me answer there directly… Anyway! I know exactly what you mean, that collection came out even before I knew about OPI 🙁 I was just hoping you could get it and do a throwback video or something hehe, that collection's worth it! And thank you too!!! 🙂

  9. My favorite is Suzi without a paddle, it is such a pretty blue!!!??? Do you sea what I sea is very pretty too!

  10. Hi Hannah! I'm scavenging through an awesome opi polish list and discovered the Japanese collection that was launched in 2005. I can't find any video of swatches, could you please do one? Your swatches are beautiful and of course, I love your nail art!

  11. "I Can Never Hut Up" is my favorite ♥️But I'll be buying 4 others?. Great swatches!

  12. those bright colors are fabulous <3 omg <3

  13. I've watched your vid a thousand times before I could decide my fave colour:
    – For your perfect nails and skin colour: Polly wants a lacquer?
    – For my nails and skin colour: Two-timing the zones
    – Fave colour of Fiji collection: No tan lines

  14. Awesome Colors.
    I like all the blues.

  15. I think suzie without a paddle is really pretty 😛

  16. Hey guys? Can anyone explain how giveaways work? How does the winner get the gift?

  17. I REALLY liked the yellow one!

  18. Stunning collection, I think all shades are so pretty and it's not always that whole collection has all nice colors!

  19. Will you be doing nail art with this collection specifically? 🙂 it'd be awesome if you did a series like that. ♥

  20. I love watching you applying nail polishes, you make the most satisfying swatches videos ??? And all these colors are just gorgeous !

  21. I LOVE "Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet". I love the way it PoPS! ?❤?

  22. I love "getting Nadi on the honeymoon" (light pink) & "Suzi without a paddle" (mint green) those are great colors and I have a thing for pastel colors! great swatch Hannah! ??

  23. Beautiful colors!!!

  24. all the names were very interesting ……

  25. Coconuts Over Opi and Suzi Without a Paddle are so beautiful I'm obsesseeedddd

  26. Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet is my absolute favourite because I have never seen such an opaque, pigmented, true yellow like that before!

  27. Hi Hannah I just love them all. if I had to choose one I don't know which one because they are just a beautiful colors. ?

  28. They're all gorgeous colours ???

  29. my favourite was do you sea what I sea and I can never hut up hey hanna how beautiful your nails and you and how sweet your voice your nails are goals love you girl ? you are the only youtuber I subscribed because your are the only one who reply me even though I didn't subscribe ???❤????????

  30. Wich lighting do you use??

  31. All the colors are so pretty! I think my favourite was do you sea what I sea? ♥

  32. I love this video hannah love you xoxo????????

  33. I think its OPI's best collection YET!!!i am buying them all!!thank you Hanna!!!???

  34. all the nail colors are so pretty!! but I cannot buy these coz I live in India and they are very expensive here as they imported!

  35. How can your nails be so perfect!!!!!❤❤and hands down the smile line around the cuticles is on point…..?????btw love each and every color……????

  36. Wow, they are all so beautiful. Thanks

  37. You deserve a Like on this video just for trying on all the polish. But I still wont be purchasing.?

  38. all colors look very pretty and Polly wants a Lacquer is my fav among all….

  39. I feel like all nail polish names have gotten way out of hand:/ Great colors and loved seeing them on your nails:)

  40. I love No Tan Lines because orange is one of my favorite colors ?❤️ they are all pretty though

  41. I love your videos!! Very relaxing!! ??❤️?

  42. ??I'm late but I love Ur videos soo much and Ur voice is cute plz can I get a reply I would really happy and btw today is my birthday too

  43. every color is soo beautiful… i want them all??

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