1. THANK YOU! I've been looking for an app like this for ages. X

  2. Thank you for recommending this app. I just made an account danii_c

  3. Hey Sandie can you please follow me on snupps

  4. Definitely going to try snupps!

  5. I will have to look into that app! Currently, I have several bottles in a little basket because I need to make another nail polish holder. Most of mine are actually stored on the top of my vanity on a rack similar to what you would find in department stores.

  6. how much did u spend on your nail polishes

  7. Where you buy the nail polish???

  8. Following you on Snupps! Follow me? Attackofthesara ?

  9. How do you remember all of them o will forgot for at least half of them….

  10. love the white and crystal. My favorite

  11. I also have a small collection of nail polishes..

  12. umm pretty sure that's not your kitchen, its from a catalogue :3

  13. you also have a nice kitchen

  14. ???? I can’t wear nail polish on my nails because I play the violin…

  15. My snupps and ig handle is pawlushed . 🙂

  16. I LOVE snupps! You can find me under Polish Positive @IrisCyrill

  17. I downloaded snupps right away! Looks so handy!

  18. go follow me on snupps @kyranovella

  19. I dont have this many nailpolishes ….???

  20. i also love white combination and about your kitchen tha after look is more luxurious and royal and plzzzzzzzzz can u tell me which nail polosh brands are you using

  21. I have a lot of polish. Like 30, but that is super small compared to this.

  22. Your kitchen before was nice, but afterwards it was WOW! And I'll take a look into this snupps app…

  23. I need to reorganize/inventory all of my nail polishes. Right now I have them in a travel case somewhat organized by brand, bottle style, color, then finish. Base coats, top coats, and treatment polishes are their own category.

  24. I only have like 20 nail polishes so they're just in a basket on my desk 😛

  25. I always paint my nail mostly black

  26. my username is mariejordet <3<3 love watching your videos!

  27. I really really really love your new kitchen! it looks so much better. THanks for the app my user name on it is idreamincrafts10

  28. omg your kitchen looks soooooooo nice!

  29. ¡Quisiera tener algo asi! ¡Queee hermoso me encanto?❤! Saludos desde San Luis Potosi, Mexico

  30. I just started my Snupps! KaoticNails please follow me!

  31. Honestly ur so talented it's not even funny ♥️

  32. I store my nail polishes on a box hehehe

  33. Waah I'm on snupps too. My account is PINKsherlockine

  34. I only have like 8 nail polishes lol

  35. i don't know how to maintain all of these nail polishes??

  36. Thanks for this great idea! I downloaded the app right away ✨ My snupps username is @sephyr

  37. love the little pop up bubble! And gorgeous kitchen!!

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