Orphan Black Clone Club Hair Tutorial

Here’s a hair tutorial on each of the clones from Orphan Black. You’ll see me transform my self with each of their hairstyles. Tell me which is your favorite!

I thought it would be fun to do a hairstyle tutorial that could be a group halloween costume or cosplay! Orphan Black is one of my favorite TV shows! There are so many different styles in the clone club! Alison has her bangs (of course, I did fake bangs!), Cosima has her dreadlocks and twists, Helena has her….? And of course I had to throw in Sarah’s braided undercut. Now you can be as brilliant as Tatiana Maslany – or at least look like one of her characters!

What I used:


  1. where do you buy your dreadlocks? 🙂

  2. I came for Cosimas look

  3. Holy crap you suit the cosima look holyyyyy

  4. I love Sarah's hairstyle because of the way you plait it and those beautiful curls

  5. Hey,I would like to ask you a pair of questions about the dreads that you have used for Cosima's hairstyle:
    are they all the same size?
    how many of them did you use for the hairstyle?

    I'm looking forward for a reply.
    thank you xx

  6. Ohh my! are you pretty or are you pretty

  7. Do Katniss' look in the hunger games

  8. Holy crap! She's a professional, I'm very impressed.

  9. Charlotte: How do you brush your hair?
    Cosima: I don't. I just wake up and it looks like this.

  10. Kayley Melissa where on earth did you find the glasses for Cosima!! I must have them! And Btw I absolutely loved this video! The best part was how you acted their personalities too! You had them down pat!! Great work girl!!

  11. The angry angel is the best.

  12. This is awesome I love orphan black so much 😀

  13. hey… what about tony! ???

  14. are you on the show to be like a clone so sarah and helena can hug

  15. How many dreads did you buy from the etsy shop for this look?

  16. I like how when you're done with all of them you stand and look at the camera just like each of them would. xD. Awesome job.

  17. i love how you imitated their way of moving and personality! this was incredible!!

  18. I love how this video shows how much different hairstyles can change your 'personality'. I know that that doesn't make a lot of sense, but when I have a simple ponytail, I feel very different than when I have a game of thrones inspired braided… thing

  19. Love this hair tutorial…GREAT job kayley!

  20. You really can do anything. These hairstyles are really nicely done and you did an awesome job!!

  21. How many dreads did you get in order to achieve the Cosima look? I know it comes with 10 per order, but I'm assuming for the volume it required more.

  22. You rocked this tutorial, you even got their personalities right!! I just wish you did Krystal too.

  23. you actually look like her ahahah or them, rather xD

  24. How can I find the dreads you used for cosima? is there a link? Pls help me I want to make my hair like cos…

  25. I just found this vid OMG OMG OMG !!!!

  26. I just started watching the show. You totally nailed all of the looks, hair and makeup! this was so fun to watch 🙂

  27. Uau, Cara, Você ficou muito parecida com elas, Amo essa série, queria te ver, se eu te visse iria ser a mesma coisa de Ver a Personagem da Série, tenho certeza !
    Vc parece muito e muito com elas ??
    Ameii 'Rses ❤

  28. Your mannerisms of each clone are PERFECT!

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