OUAI Memory Mist First Impressions & Review

Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing and giving my first impressions of the OUAI memory mist! It retails for $28 at Sephora and TheOuai.com!

The memory mist is a new in 2017 multi tasking product that works as kind of a primer to extend the life of your hairstyle! In this video I’m putting it to the test to see if it lives up to the hype! A primer can be a great part of your hair care routine if it works, so this blogger is out to determine whether or not this is the one to buy.


  1. Oh my goodness, Five Years!! I've been watching your videos since you posted your "Braid Dictionary" many moons ago. Hahaha!! Still Subscribed and still Loving you and your videos. Keep it up, Girl!!!

  2. Same about Taylor's song…. My dad hates it with a passion and is constantly aggravated. Lol.

  3. A review on the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver?!?

  4. Can you do winter hat hairstyles with short hair?

  5. Hi Kayley, I love your videos! Can you give us some suggestions for what hot hair tools to buy? I need to buy some new curling irons–I was wondering what you suggested, and if the expensive products (ex: t3) are worth the extra money, versus maybe hsi or beauty pro. thanks! Xox

  6. You should review Monat products!

  7. Like the Taylor swift bit very good, I go singing that round the place, and my husband is getting a bit bored with it, luv your channel x

  8. Kayley, any idea why my hair looks dry and tangles after I curl it? (Versus being silky and soft before) what can I do about this? As reference I have color treated hair and use a Nume wand to curl my hair with heat protectant – no other products. Maybe this product would be a good add on, but what could be causing this situation?

  9. What kind of bun do you do to sleep in your hair? I can never get one that doesn't flatten my waves

  10. I cant believe I have been watching you this long :O

  11. Girl! You filming at 1 am! Dedicated! Also, love your use of "clutch my pearls" and "shooketh!" ?

  12. Kathleen Lights loves this too… I wish it was less expensive, but I really want to try it now??

  13. Could you please possibly review the LivingProof In Shower Styler? I have tried it out a couple times but it does absolutely nothing for my hair. I don't know if I am just somehow doing something wrong with it or if it isn't meant for my hair type.

  14. What's the difference between this and a texturizing spray? If you could only get one, which would you go for? Thanks!! 🙂

  15. I would love to know your night routine, how you sleep on your hair?

  16. What do you have on your lips ?


  18. My hair used to be curly but then it was not. After that my hair would hold a curl with an curling iron, now it does not. Maybe this could help me hold a curl since I now have to use magic in order to hold a curl for a day :(.

  19. Do you use a straigthner? And if so which one? I never used a straigthner untill a friend of mine introduced me to the l'oreal steampod. Fell in love with it. I use it once and can go without straightning for 4 days. Which is when I was it again.. did test it out if longer was possible and it is…

  20. Have you tried the Dyson hairdryer already?

  21. Wow, 5 years?? Where has the time gone! I remember the days of the dark green background. Love you, kayley! ?

  22. It took me a few min to understand that you didn't mean day 1 AM like 1AM in the middle of the night lol

  23. I love that you just get straight to the point.

  24. Girl your makeup looks GORGEOUS in this video!!! I'd love to know the products you used please! 🙂

  25. Could you post a video on hairstyles with layers??

  26. Does anyone know what curling iron she used?? Loved how it looked!

  27. Surely you've been married almost 4 years, not 5? (I got married at the same time and I remember your wedding hair and accessories vids – loved them) ?

  28. Hey Kayley, do you know anything about hot scissor cuts? I'd like to know if the heat does actually seal the ends of your hair and help it to grow faster or if it's just a big con. Thanks! Kirsten x

  29. how do you put your hair up to sleep on it??

  30. Your skin looks amazing here. I'd love to know what your routine/skincare/foundation products are!

  31. Your hair DOES have Petra vibes!

  32. Recreate all the hairstyles in Taylor Swift's new music video

  33. What curling wand do you use?

  34. Can you do a video on products? I have SUPER thin and long hair but have NO idea what products to use… Best for Thin, Long, regular and thick hair…. Thank you!!!!

  35. This seems very much like Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press spray, without the fragrance and the high price. Could you test compare them please?

  36. Can you please show how you put your hair up to keep curls overnight? I know you say it's a bun but when I do a bun the next morning I still have to chuck my hair up because it's looks rubbish

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