Overcoming Obesity: 3 Ways to Shed the Weight and Start a Healthier Life

3 Obesity Treatments to Help You Start a Healthier Life

Let’s face it, weight issues are something that all too many of us deal with. The question on everyone’s minds is how to lose that extra weight, especially those of us who are obese.

The good news is that there are plenty of great obesity treatments out there. To cut back on research time, we’ve done a lot of it for you.

We’ll go into more detail about some methods for weight loss in the paragraphs below.

Dietary Changes

The most important thing when it comes to losing weight is to monitor what you eat and try to eat healthier. This isn’t to say that you can’t indulge in sweets or a hamburger every once in a while, but don’t do it as often.

The fewer calories you take in, the fewer you have to burn off to lose weight. That being said, you should be careful what type of diet you choose, because some of them don’t work, and others are just plain dangerous.

It all has to do with what and how much you cut from your diet. Your body was meant to function on a certain amount of food of every type, from carbs, to protein, to vitamins and minerals, so reducing one more than the others is not going to work.

Cutting too much, in general, is also not going to work because our bodies need a  certain amount of calories to get us through the day. What it all boils down to is self-control.

Maybe don’t go for seconds at dinner, or even switch off nights when you can and can’t have two helpings. You could order a smaller soda when you go out to eat. Make it about cutting things down not cutting them out.


The other big step to losing weight is to exercise more. Eating less isn’t the only way to get rid of calories. You could also work them off.

There are a lot of great exercises up there that can help you burn a few hundred calories in half an hour. Keep in mind, these are high-intensity exercises, such as burpees, and can tire you out quickly.

Between exercising and dieting, you will ultimately need to cut out anywhere from 500-1000 calories per day. A pound includes about 3500 calories, so this should allow you to lose one or two pounds per week. This may not seem like a lot, but the body isn’t supposed to lose weight very rapidly.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to help lose weight more efficiently. We’ll tell you about a few of them here, and don’t worry because these are recommended by trainers.


Surgery should never be used as a go-to weight loss option, but some cases call for drastic obesity treatments. There are three common surgical procedures for weight loss: The lap band, the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

In a lap band procedure, a restrictive band is placed around the opening of the stomach, limiting how much food can be taken in.

Gastric sleeve surgery is when a large portion of the stomach is cut out, leaving the stomach smaller. If you want to know more about gastric sleeve surgery or are concerned about gastric sleeve cost, please click the link.

Finally, there’s gastric bypass, which allows food to dodge certain parts of the digestive system, which prevents those parts, usually the small intestine, from taking in more calories. It’s more effective than the other surgeries, but also a bit more dangerous.

Obesity Treatments

Losing weight is hard but it’s not very complicated. More often than not, it involves taking in fewer calories than you use.

The best obesity treatments are diet–an actual diet, not a fad diet–and exercise. There are whole lists of great exercises to do that will help you burn calories.

There are also weight loss surgeries out there for those who need them, but these are best used in the most severe cases. Surgery carries a lot more risk than diet and exercise.

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