Pac-Man Nail Art

♥ Bring back the 80’s by wearing the highest grossing video game character of all-time on your nails: Pac-Man! I hope you enjoyed this nail art design.

♡ Products Used

  • ♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
  • ♥ China Glaze Lemon Fizz
  • ♥ OPI Black Onyx
  • ♥ Milani Striper in Blue Print
  • ♥ Essie Good To Go Top Coat


  1. I'm doing this for the late Marty Ingels, because I knew him as Pac-Man.

  2. Make balloons!!!

  3. Wow… This is so different than the videos you do now! Both are amazing, but the new vids are just spectacular!

  4. I would love the nightmare before Christmas 

  5. مرررة رهههيب بس ما عثدي الالوان>_<

  6. Teddy bear nail art plzzzzzzzz

  7. do a disco ball nail art please

  8. i c'ant do any nail art , i have to short nails … but you have talent !!

  9. Skittle nail art
    Oreo nail art
    Snicker bar nail art
    Mars bar nail art

  10. Plzzz subscribe i will be doing some make-up,hair and also nails tutorials =D

  11. Coke nails would be adorable

  12. What do you do to dry nails quickly with so many layers?

  13. I used to be addicted to this game, lol

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