PACK + LAYER LIKE A PRO! How to Pack LESS + Travel Tips!

Today’s video is all about how to pack + layer like a pro plus some cute outfit ideas for fall! Let me know if you liked this video by giving it a thumbs up [and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

HEY GUYS! As you guys know, I travel a lot #planelife. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a video on how I pack my carry on suitcase and what to pack for a trip, so here it is! I travel mostly with only carry on luggage + have pretty much become a packing / layering pro [use of the word ‘pro’ is strong, but hey let’s go with it]. These are my top tips after all my time in the sky–

1. Pack Layering Pieces
-Ensure that you don’t overpack in the outfit department by packing pieces that are interchangeable / that you can mix and match. Sticking to a similar color palette really allows you to mix all of your options together to create multiple looks!

2. Accessorize
I like to pack more basic clothing and switch up my looks with the help of some great accessories. I love hats, scarfs + statement necklaces!

3. Pack 1-2 pairs of shoes
Minimize the space taken up in your suitcase by bringing only 1-2 pairs of shoes! I like to bring something that goes with everything, like a pair of black boots.
Black boots shown:
SOREL™ Major Carly Leather Boot [dude yes they really are named after me]:

A newer addition to my closet this year is this pair of black boots with some graphic texture on them. If you’re freaking out because they match your vest, girl, I feel you-
SOREL™ Major Pull On Boot:

FTC: Thank you Sorel for partnering with me to create this video, and for making boots that match with all of my neutrals. Yassssss!

4. Wear your heaviest layers
Wear the items on your flight that will take up the most room in your suitcase. I like to wear things like my hat, my poncho + my boots to travel in because I’m a generally cold person [TEMPERATURE WISE] and then I’m not trying to stuff a massive blanket into my small carry on.

5. Minimize the makeup
-Consolidate your toiletries into one bag! Packing things like palettes makes traveling a lot easier- more options in a smaller amount of space.

I hope my tips could help you for your next trip / hope you liked the different outfit combos shown in this video! Make sure to comment me your tips for traveling!

SECRETS: If you made it to this section in the info box write ‘ REAL FRIENDS! ‘ down below in the comments because I’m sitting here wondering why I’m typing all of this out because probably 2 people are going to read it hahaha.

Fashion Videography: Tomas Martinsen

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  1. Real friends. Thanks Carly! These are really good tips!

  2. Girl we travel in the same type of way! You probably travel a lot more than me – but I've done what you do for as long as I can remember – I always wear my biggest pieces and try to stick within like 3 colors, so that everything can be worn with everything! 😀

  3. Where are those black jeans from?? <3

  4. Where is the tiny crossbody bag from?? love your videos btw. lots of love from hamburg!!

  5. hi carly, I love your videos and I just wanted to know where did u purchase your suitcase from.

  6. LOVE that U packed your BIBLE. I Love JESUS too….but now my bible is in an APP on my iPhone. Saves space.
    Blessings and U R So FUN 🙂

  7. how can i fit my hunter boots in my suitcase?

  8. going to spain this spring break anyone got any tips on what to bring for the weather there??

  9. Where did you get your luggage tag? #realfriends P.S I read the description box on any video I watch??

  10. Wow,where does she live

  11. The thing I worry about bringing my LV Neverfull GM is leaving it in the hotel room. Are you afraid it may get stolen?


  13. Her voice reminds me of kelly cutrone from ANTM

  14. I love your selection of tops. They are simple yet versatile. Like your top on this video. Oversized comfy abc yet chic

  15. Where did you get that cool poncho? I've been looking all over for one.

  16. can you do a carry on video for montreal in january

  17. Can you please make a video about packing for 2 different climates in one trip. It's so hard! Like if you're going for fall in europe, and then greece after for example. I need to pack just a carry-on, it's quite a mission!

  18. does anyone know where her vest is from?

  19. The information was timeless. Thank you! I have one question. How would your pack items look for this year fashion wise? Have you kept all of the items you showed in the video?

  20. Alone that you included the Bible!

  21. Your personality and humor is so fun! 🙂

  22. how caffinated is carly? in all her videos! Lol

  23. This video is amazing. Love your style ❤️

  24. Ur so funny! Love your tips!

  25. LOVE your vest and love even more the poncho. Would you please tell me whose brand and where you got them? I realize I'm a year late, but hope springs eternal.

  26. You really sounds like Jaclyn Hill … Or is it just me?

  27. Real Friends. Where did you get your shirts? The basic ones. 🙂

  28. If you ever come to western european countries you do not need to pack your bible – hotels have them.

  29. Sorry to say, because I luv luv your videos, but this one was more packing centralized and not so layering. Could you please do another layering video that is just for that topic? I am the tom boy trying to reform into a……ahhhhh……..uummmm. You know I don't know what it is that I'm trying to transform myself into but I know I'll like it more than boring Ts, and no imagination closet. Please help. Thanks so much. Namaste

  30. yo girl, i love your style, that's for sure! i, too, have a very black/grey/white wardrobe!! I'm pear-shaped – do you have a super awesome video about dressing stylish/casual, etc. for different body types?? THANKS?

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