Paint A French Manicure Perfectly!

Today’s nail tutorial will have you painting the most perfect french manicure in no time! With these tips and tricks from my friend Hannah, you will be able to easily paint this classic nail polish style perfectly 🙂

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Omg thank you ?

  2. Would you need to use a sheer pink nail polish in a french manicure?

  3. you can use nail vinals too

  4. Wow, beautiful! I personally don't really mind if it's not perfect, nobody would notice unless they look carefully lol

  5. Hey, its Hannah, Hannah Baker.

    Alive and in stereo.

  6. This shit costs 250 dollars at a salon where I'm from.

  7. does nail polish still come off if your wearing base coat and top coat

  8. My left hand nails will look great!!!!!

  9. i wish my nail's are long??

  10. Can you nail painting life hacks

  11. what color was the sheer nailpolish

  12. If you were gonna apply nail polish on the nail bed, then why didn't you apply the base coat as well

  13. Thanks soo much! U helped ne a lot, kisses!!❤️?

  14. I have a question from where you got that fast dry top coat I want to buy it

  15. so nice thanks it really helps

  16. what i do is take tape and leave the tip without tape and put white polish after its dried what i do is apply top coat

  17. This was posted on my day of birth!

  18. Thanks to you my nails are awesome that's why I subscribe you

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