Paint Rose Nails Perfectly!

How gorgeous are these rose nails?! Juli will be showing you how she perfectly paints roses on her nails… easily! You will be surprised about just how simple these are to do (even though they look so detailed and intricate!) We hope you enjoy this fun DIY nail art design! Love you all so much xx


  • Paint- Americana Acrylic Paint
  • Detail Brush- Nailbee’s ‘XS Detail Brush’
  • Liner Brush- Winstonia ‘Berry Wine Liner Brush’
  • Top Coat- Seche Vite
  • Light Blue- Pretty Woman ‘Little Blue Box’

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. For a nother nail desin do harets and pink lines

  2. My mom wishes that she could pant those cind of finger nails ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????now you better poot my commit on their!

    Now if I'm on their ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. whats the difference between using acrylic vs regular polish?

  4. u r a good artist , your drawing is very nice , it's looks like a sticker

  5. have you done like a flower on your nails

  6. well dis is like aaamazing.. more than amazing… but i cant do dis in my entire life???

  7. If I do this I would be so mad if my nails chip, which they pretty much do the second I wash the dishes 🙁

  8. WOW this is insane!!! ? I want these yesterday haha. Do you guys also do reviews? I would really like to know if you guys use any vegan/cruelty free nail products – and if you recommend then.

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