Paint Your Nails Perfectly!

Today’s nail video will show you tips and tricks on how to paint your nails perfectly! Have you ever dreamed of the perfect polished manicure? Well, today I am going to show you how to do just that! A perfect DIY nail manicure at home 🙂

Let me know if you enjoyed this video! Also, do you have any nail art design requests? Let me know them in the comments!

Products used:

  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base Coat
  • OPI Shorts Story
  • Zoya Renew
  • Essie Good To Go
  • Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil


  1. how can you let your nailpolish dry i have everytime a broken nailart

  2. Such a great tutorial, thank you =) (with perfect nails lol)

  3. Tokyo ghoul crack xD perfect nails

  4. it was really useful thank you so much

  5. i'm just a fellow goth dude trying to paint my nails

  6. How do you keep the cotton ball from sticking to your nails. I do this by mistake all the time and it drives me CRAZY!!!!!

  7. I got a superchic lacquer ad before watching this lol

  8. I used this.

    But I don't have base coat.

  9. how long between coats of polish? dry, or right away?

  10. can you link where you got your brush?

  11. I know how to paint my nails perfectly more perfect then you

  12. Great opening graphics and overall visual presentation . Really smart tips and approaches for refreshing older
    nail polish, "painting dominant hand, and cleaning up excess polish with a soft filbert brush. An impressive
    demonstration for a very critical person….d. j. hall

  13. Here's a tip! Use water if you have no thinner ?

  14. the movie poster movie is the proper word and I

  15. 2:01 your hand is shaked..☺

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