Paint Your OTHER Hand’s Nails Perfectly!

Paint the nails on your OTHER hand perfectly! This video is HIGHLY HIGHLY requested 🙂 Minnie will be sharing her tips and tricks on how to paint your non-dominant hand perfectly. We hope these methods help you out for your next manicure 😀


  • Base Coat (OPI)
  • Having A Big Head Day (OPI)
  • Top Coat (Picture Polish)

♡ Other Tools ♡

  • Wood Stick
  • Cotton
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Sandwich Bag

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. It's not good to circle your brush around the neck of your nail polish. Instead, wipe it up and down. It works the same, but it will leave the nail polish less dry.

  2. I ALWAYS paint my nail better using my non dominant hand for some reason. No idea why.

  3. I did my nails while watching this.. who else??


  5. I'll just tape around my nails, or do with clear polish so i can miss the hand.

  6. Thank you SOOOOO much for posting this!! Very useful!! Especially that tip for the DIY decal! Thanks

  7. Good tips really helped me! THANK YOU! ???

  8. When you're ambidextrous and can't relate. 🙂

  9. Can I get subs for no reason

  10. I love ❤️ your nails, they look sooo cute, perfect ,and beautiful

  11. Hi I was hoping you could recommend a cuticle remover. The one I use really doesn't do much and your nails look perfect ?

  12. Thumbs up for me!! This is super helpful?

  13. the hack for the nail art heart! nice!!

  14. Is it just me or is her nails just perfect ???❤️?

  15. Is anyone else just too lazy to do a basecoat??? Just me???

  16. are u lefthand??

  17. For some reason I read the thumbnail as "Bruh Perfect Nails" ? Is that weird? xD

  18. Nice tutorial… I'm going to try it.

  19. the pink in peach ones are so so cute

  20. when her non dominant hand looks better than your dominant hand

  21. After a while I just got used to painting my nails,

  22. Her nails are so perfect ❤️?

  23. my nails are the size of one rice

  24. Anyone else annoyed by the song it sounds like a little kid song

  25. does the nail art at the end go on when top coat is wet or dry???

  26. How did you make your nails so long and pointy mine are short and when I let them grow they bend easily and hurt and they are still round and not pointy like yours???

  27. If only you could see me try to do what you do. I've literally got nail polish every where.

  28. thats so fake it's a fake person

  29. "Wood stick"Me:…Butt..what?

  30. When you bite your nails, and you get it all over your cuticles. uGHHHH I need to stop biting my nails

  31. This looks like it would leave a lot of streaks…

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