Party Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

MAC prolong wear concealer – NW20
Satellite Dreams e/s
Wisteria e/s
Mystic Gel Liner

Party Time Eyeshadow
Makeup Geek Immortal Eyeliner
Velour Lashes – Strike A Pose
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
MAC PRO highlighting powder – Emphasize
Bare Minerals Original Foundation – light
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Urban Decay Lipstick – Native
MAC Japanese Maple Lipstick

Thanks so much for taking the time to watch my video!! xoxo ♡ —–


  1. who misses jh like this? so much more relatable .

  2. how do you blend out the eyeshadow colors ?? which brushes do you have to use to get a perfect blending?? I love the way your eyeshadow looks!! I want to make mine look just perfect like that !!! love all your videos!!

  3. I bought Champagne pop a month ago, and lost it at a hotel, I called them but they don't have it, I can't afford to rebuy it because I'm a poor college student, I'm really sad is there anyway you could send me one?

  4. Jaclyn I miss how you do not zoom in on your eyes anymore when you do your makeup! Could you consider zooming in again like you have in this tutorial? its so helpful. love u xx

  5. love it inspiration for my daughters birthday party!!

  6. omg im so in love with this look! i would love if u would maybe do some fun looks like this but appropriate for the season? or just really pretty colored looks like this lol

  7. I looove thiiis. I feel like I used to do fun eyeshadow looks for no reason but now that I'm an adult with responsibilities I'm way too lazy and uninspired to do extra things. I don't need to actually be invited to a party to wear a party look!! (cries) lol but seriously, I used to use those NYX glitter liners often, as an actual liner on the lashline with my basic black liner but it started to flake on me pretty badly! I may use them like this from now on!

  8. Coming back to the old days for inspiration for Halloween! I'm thinking of mixing this with your newer blue tutorial. I'm going to be a blue fairy! Is it a shame that I remember this video? TRUE OG. Love you ???

  9. I love it when you do the cross eyes! It brings out your goofyness! Love it and love you <3

  10. Wow.. U are sooo GORGEOUS!!! 🙂

  11. Love this eye makeup one of my favorites!

  12. Im obsessed with ur makeup looks can u do pink eyes tuturial plz… Do u see these comments ;(

  13. I think it would be cool to do an updated version of this look. It's one of my favorites of yours & party time is discontinued. Your colorful looks are the best!

  14. Love this look. You are so beautiful! I love watching your videos. I've learned so much and I keep learning. Thanks for making videos.

  15. TODAY>>>> +Jaclyn Hill MARATHON!!!! Im OBSESSED w this eye look!!! HOW did i miss this one?? i kno its rather old but thats ok.xxoojenn

  16. This look would be perfect to wear in Las Vegas ;D So fun!

  17. Absolutely STUNNING!!!!!  Am I the only one who noticed Georgie running around in the background @ 7:15? 🙂

  18. The window/door in the back freaks me out. I could never sit in a lit room with my back to an open window like that. Scary!

  19. You are my go-too-girl !!!!! love everything you do !!!!!

  20. i love you… hahaha i can imagine your face looking at your old videos.. you look stunning to me in all of em : )

  21. YOU ARE SO GOOD AT MAKEUP and i am trying to start my own youtube account and maybe invest in some good brushes that are not too expensive but nice can you do an updated brush video or maybe a beginner youtuber video wat to get and how to get started idk BUT YOUR SO GOOD AT MAKEUP HOW

  22. Gorgeous and funny. The perfect girl. Love ur vids..I seen a video earlier where u were addressing ppl THT say mean things to U n they don't even know u..listen in this world there are so many ppl Tht are mean..they start out tht way in life and as they grow up they get worse but u keep doing what u enjoy doing CUZ I'm sure u have more fans than haters..they're just jealous cuz ur INSANELY DROP DEAD GOrgeous and they can't stand it. Lmao.

  23. just beautiful! reminds me of a mermaid makeup look!

  24. Hey hon
    Can you please tell me where i get the Too Faced- A Few Of My Favorite Things Palette form.??? Or even just the eye shadow Party time? I can not see it anywhere.

  25. I just want to say that I'm only 15, but I love watching your videos. I love make up and your videos are awesome! I love to find drugstore products that work just as well as the Mac products, but I just wanted to say how much I love your videos!!!

  26. UHM hey!? you should totally do more tutorials like this!! 
    It looks amaaazing. 

  27. You are too cute, i swear even poop would look good on you.

  28. Who gives a shit what people say? I think you need to cross your eyes all of the time! You're always gorgeous!

  29. omg omg omg this eye shadow look is just gorgeous!!! great job as always xxxxx  

  30. Hey jaclyn how are you whats the coler and number of your hair love your hair coller x tatjana

  31. love this! you look like arial!

  32. Would you recommend putting on a makeup sealer on eyes to prevent eyeshadow from dropping on cheeks? (Aka Urban Decay) ty! ???

  33. Looooove your makeup in this video! Thank you for making this! ???

  34. I love all your videos and the fact that you don't take yourself so seriously. Great beauty tips and a good laugh is the way to go.

  35. You Are so cute i love youre sillyness that makes you a more real person ..negativity is jealousy so thats actually good .. Xoxo

  36. You Are so cute i love youre sillyness that makes you a more real person ..negativity is jealousy so thats actually good .. Xoxo

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