Party Nails: Gold & Silver Negative Space

❤ Easy gold & silver negative space nail art! Holiday & party nails! Here’s a simple, yet effective gold & silver negative space design that works for holidays, parties, weddings, etc!



  1. It's so classic and soooooooooooo GORGEOUS !!!

  2. why are there 9 dislikes??

  3. Instead of painting the nail freehand could you use tape again?

  4. I lOve your video ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  5. i really like that the fact that people who dont own nail vinyls can do this

  6. It looks like an erasor nail to me.

  7. Cute and simple nail art!

  8. Easy and super elegant. Love it! ♡♥

  9. at least your channel name is truthful!

  10. nail care routine please 🙂 if you don't already have one up.

  11. Love, love this mani Hannah. So pretty for the holidays!!

  12. Remember when your username was Pixie?! ?

  13. How are your nails so perfectly shaped? My nails are always either too small or too big and never match up with sizes, shapes, lengths, etc. How do you do it? ?

  14. Thanks for the share! I can't wait to try this one. I'm going to purchase colored celafane paper today so I can do the broken glass nails you posted first, but this is definitely next.

  15. Ooooo! These are gorgeous ??

  16. Amazing video! I'm planning to do this just for fun hehe! This is very pretty! Yay!!

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