Pastel Purple & White NAIL ART With Leaf Design Using Striping Brush

Leaf #Nailart In Purple And White: In today’s nail tutorial video I paint a purple and white nail art design with leaf pattern.

  • First apply base coat to protect your natural nails.
  • Paint your little and ring nails white and the other nails pastel purple.
  • For the leafs I use a striping brush and black acrylic paint.
  • Finish the nail art with top coat to protect the manicure from peeling and to keep it shiny and glossy.

Thanks for watching! 🙂


  1. I like your work ???❤❤❤??

  2. So adorable it will look good with orange and yellow too ?what you think

  3. This leaf looking like a real leaf. As always so lovely <3.

  4. amazing my dear

  5. Hermosas como siempre Dios te continué bendiciendo hoy y siempre

  6. Hi! I love this design, very beautiful! You always make your designs look so easy! ?

  7. So cute ? At first I tought it was stamping ?

  8. So soooo beautiful ? i love it

  9. You are an artist, my dear lady. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Gostei

  11. This nail art is awesome?? ..l am a new subscriber in your channel…. Can u plz give a video how u edit your videos ? plz..thank you❤❤❤

  12. Gorgeous, your so creative! Such a pretty look!!! I feel like I comment the same thing every time, but your just awesome, can’t help it, sweetie!

  13. Hi! 🙂 Cute nail art! The pastel purple is so pretty!

  14. Beautiful as always✨ Loved it??..surely I'll try this out. Tysm for the video?❤

  15. Wowwww..its soooo pritty…???????????????????????????

  16. So kool…I'm gonna try it an awww I'm the first comment wow :):)

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