Pastel Rainbow Nail Art Design

An ultra cute rainbow and clouds manicure done with dreamy pastel colors! In this nail art tutorial, Juli will be showing you how to recreate this adorable nail design at home!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. ???????????????????❄⚽?????????

  2. I don't see clouds lol. What i see is the rainbow curvy path

  3. your my inspiration i started off horribly and now indo a pretty deasent job love you @cutepolish

  4. i really love this nail art, omg

  5. Can you do soccer ball nails please???????????

  6. I wonder why I watch these even though I know that I won't be able to do them???

  7. her natural nails are goals

  8. i would love to see ur new nail art video's

  9. I love your game it is soooooooooo addictive!!!

  10. I really liked this design

  11. Jeej this is gonna be my next one!

  12. Looks like the unicorn island colors

  13. Cute polish: Can you do a tutorial on sports

  14. Just out of curiosity how come you don't have a newfie accent? My father in law is from st Anthony and you guys sound nothing a like.

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