Pastel Silver Lavender Hair

2 inches of roots/regrowth. Colorists knows that it’s harder to retouch regrowth this long because of overlapping and possible breakage. Thanks to Olaplex I was reassured that even if I accidentally overlapped or the lightener swells, it will prevent breakage. What do you guys think of her color? Leave your comments below, and share with your friends.

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  1. Love all your videos. Please if you are up for a challenge. Come find me !! Seriously! Lol. I’m also a stylist and of course I never get to get mine done. Ha. My issues have always been finding a product to get my dark brown hair to a level 9-10 so I can get those pretty pastels. Yea. The struggle has been real for 30 years. 😉

  2. That’s exactly how my hair turned after using a bit too much purple shampoo lol

  3. Can you do Smokey gray hair¿

  4. I’m getting my hair done like this! I might vlog it ?

  5. Please come to El Salvador and help this poor human with her messed up hair to make it look this beauty, I love your personality and of course your work! Greetings!

  6. Love, Love,Love, the color???

  7. I am so gonna make this my very first color change for my black hair ! ???

  8. Absolutely beautiful colours

  9. Omg do you sell this silvery purple color? I need this!

  10. Is it weird that this guy’s accent and way of speaking reminds me of James from Pokémon? Maybe all the purple hair had something to do with it lmao

  11. OMG, I LOOOOOVE the finished look of this! ????????

  12. Did you do the entire process in 1 day?

  13. Love her hair, but this “guy” is sooo annoying! ?

  14. also double condoms may pop by accident and be rendered ineffective

  15. i feel like you're reverse aging xD You look a tad younger in your new videos but still, Shining!

  16. Go to 18:28 and in the left side there is this weird guy staring at the camera

  17. I'm dying my hair that color this week…

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