Peach and White French Fade Nail Design South Africa Style

❤ Tammy Taylor presents Melany Viljoen, Peach and White French Fade Nail Design South Africa Style


  1. Your videos are so beautiful Tammy! I have noticed that everyone in your sessions have the most pristine and perfect cuticles plus clean nail beds I have ever seen. That is amazing!
    Unfortunately, I have stopped going to salons to get my nails done because for the past 6 years of going, I haven't found one salon that doesn't cut me, keep me in incredible pain, send me home bleeding, and ignores my desires and needs for what I want in beautiful nails. I'm so done with them and live too far away from a quality salon. I have come to the realization that I need to start learning on how to do my own nails from now on. Getting my nails done used to be an enjoyable experience for me. Now it has become miserable and very painful. Getting my nails done was beneficial because my nails have always broke easily and plus I really love my nails looking pretty. I wish all techs would learn under you. Your work is extremely beautiful and very clean. ALL those places I went to were so dusty and unsanitary, the only places in town available to me without having to drive an hour to a better salon. My husband is also watching with me, he is enthusiastic about doing my nails now☺ He keeps saying "I bet I can learn to do that for you". Take care and keep teaching for beautiful nails! We need more people like you Ms Tammy❤

  2. Beautiful! I wish I could order your products but unfortunately I'm not certified:(

  3. So happy to finally have a South African distributor. where can I contact her?

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