Peach Smoked Out Winged Liner Tutorial


  1. Hey loves! I hope you will enjoy the video
    p.s. I'm doing a BIG giveaway on Instagram which includes alot of Make-up. Make sure to check it.
    Instagram @Makeupbyan

  2. You look gorgeous either way but I like more the dark version…

  3. One of the best! Peach looks! Trust me ????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. What are the things you use under your eye while doing your eyeshadow ? ?

  5. U should try beauty killer my Jeffrey star I like u would like the white in it

  6. I love the purple lip!!! The color contrast is stunning and eye-catching!!

  7. Omg u have same eyes as jacklyn hill

  8. I love the color thank you for this video ??

  9. I love it!! It's so beautiful and you have a perfect skin!!
    I've gotta say, you really have a gift with makeup

  10. An u have an amazing talent everything u do is amazing x

  11. I wish i had enough money to buy those expensive products xD

  12. I love your videos! I've noticed that the intro music is very very loud, and then your voice over volume is muted. I watch your videos at night time, and find I'm constantly grabbing for the remote to adjust the volume.

  13. I love both lip colours but the dark purple is definitely my favourite! Such a stunning contrast to the peachy eyes <3 You're so talented An! Love watching your videos xoxo

  14. I was really worried in the beginning with so much peach but in the end it just looks so gorgeous and creative. That wing is just pure goals An ?

  15. thank you for letting us know the eyeliner brush!!!! xoxo ???????

  16. I absolutely look forward to your videos. You have given me so much inspiration with your eye looks that I now experiment more with eyeshadow, something I never used to do. ❤

  17. Love the look and the lips, but man! why are you supporting LimeCrime?

  18. love the look with the dark lips

  19. Love the dark vampy lips..Another beautiful look

  20. Love the eye look and dark lip. Thanks!

  21. Amazing look!! The smokey liner is very pretty on your eye shape! Your makeup is always absolutely perfect!!
    I love the peach lip! It would look great for a festival look or a rave.
    The dark lip looks amazing!! Perfect for a night out!

    I seen your giveaway on insta, I haven't got a clue how to work it. ?

    Keep up the amazing work An! ❤❤

  22. You're so talented and beautiful! ☺

  23. love color peach. Thanks for doing this color. FABULOUS

  24. I love both of the lip options but that dark lipstick is perfect!

  25. So beautiful girl under that make up. Don't make yourself look like a black witch.

  26. Hello i'm new on this canal i have to admit you very much look like jaclyn hill i thought first you were her?? great video ?regards from switzerland

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