Pearls & Pastel Nails


  1. ? the way she says jk sound like Siri ?

  2. Beautiful Nails. Butterfly nails tutorial please itslisa

  3. you should do a nail art design about Christmas and birthdays x please

  4. a million how bout a billion love your channel

  5. Cutepolish/sally hansen ad on a cutepolish video. Polishception

  6. what is the name of the set of pearls i want to buy it

  7. You are so good at panting nails

  8. Have you done a draw my life video

  9. What happens if your top coat doesn't seal

  10. if you can, can u do a clawdeen wolf tutorial? thanx!

  11. Oh, I just noticed that. Sorry, I'm no help at all!

  12. only 2 of the 6 polishes used are named in the description

  13. How to put the pearl in place?!

  14. PLEASE someone tell me the names of the nail polishes she uses in this design!!!!

  15. if she isnt showing her face then she clearly doesn't feel comfortable showing it! she doesn't have to do anything unless she wants to honestly

  16. I love how u do ur nails I learned how to do alot of nail designs thank you

  17. thats cute i like it good job

  18. The pearls could be found a dollarama they are in different colors I bought them to decorate my phone

  19. This is really cool, but whenever I put little beads on my nails they always get ruined and never stay on!

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