People Try Weird Sandwiches | Food Taste Test | Funny Food Challenge | Nutella Chocolate and More!

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  1. A lots of beauty hack people

  2. starts off good, then goes to gross

  3. make more videos like this and try cookies or muffins

  4. Nutella pineapple marshmallows hot cheetos pickled eggs mayonnaise banana water melon anchovies oreos peanut butter fish sauce good choice but you guys are crazy how on earth can you try this

  5. Sorry but i liked nothing except for nutella. Though I like every video of u

  6. The first one to watch all your videos

  7. LOVE THIS!!! 😀 So nice seeing your faces and getting to know the people behind the camera. You guys are awesome!

  8. The concept of some of these seem really good, sadly I see they are not a hit =p.

  9. You should do tasting weird combined things

    ex.cheetos and milk,grapes and mayo

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