After contouring your nose using a fork, doing your foundation using a bra insert a NEW technique has risen to the surface: creating perfect eyeliner using thread? Oh my god, will this crazy technique work? Watch the video to find out!!

On my lips I’m wearing “Leo” Velour Liquid Lipstick by Jeffree Star!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. Tip for even wings that I've learned in life: Be a fucking artist since you popped out the womb.

  2. Of course it looks good when u fix it but if I was to try and fix that hideous line it would look hideous still, lol. You are a wing slayer!

  3. i think this is good for people who have shakey hands!

  4. What eyeliner did you use???

  5. What eyeliner do you use

  6. You kinda look like kylie jenner???

  7. How is you make up always so flawless ? love you !!!! Xxxx

  8. I would Love seeing you actually Taking off your Makeup, As an end to the Challenges like the Glitter one? That would be so awesome, Also we'd have a review on how to take our makeup off, I'm always looking like a Panda because I never know how. Love you !

  9. However, this makeup looks stunning! I love it 😀

  10. Who else wants Nikkie to do your makeup for prom ? Like if you do

  11. I love the look you did OMG! It looks so good even without thick lashes

  12. NIKKI!! I HAVE A NEW CHALLENGE FOR YOU. Do your makeup using only paint brushes

  13. Watching this video gave me anxiety ? I'm like girl just do your eyeliner like normal ?

  14. lmfao I did this before it was popular

  15. Hey, my eyes are two different shapes. Top lid liner always makes that way more obvious. Any tips?

  16. What pen liner did you use it can slit a bitch

  17. clicks on video and sees her face Screams. loud.

  18. What eyeliner is Nikkie using? ?

  19. Hi Nikki ? can u pls do a full face using only products you hate ❤?

  20. thank you for your review on this trend

  21. Do eyebrows with thread for fluffy looking microbladed looking brows for a video…

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