PERFECT Wedding Nails!

Hi Lovies!

This was a highly requested video and I am so glad to finally have it out for you. I am also excited to announce that I will be more consistent with my youtube channel, it makes me so happy to be able to help a lot of you out! I really hope you guys enjoy this video and I will see you on my next one. Please give me ideas on what videos to make on the comments below. Muahhh

Camila Rojas


  1. can you paint over the glitter if you want to change it at a later date

  2. your work ends up being beautiful, but hun. Save your self some time and don't do such large liquidy beads.

  3. the brown glitter, how'd you get it to stay in place? Is it a polymer or?

  4. Beautiful! I LOVE your work! I've seen every one…AMAZING ??

  5. My brain wants Suzie but my eyes are deceiving me. Pretty nails though.

  6. Your setup looks exactly like this other nail channel omg ? but beautiful nails!

  7. Where did you get your nail file from?

  8. do u do gel full sets or only acrylic?

  9. the pink colour is gorgeous !!! I love it ! 🙂 I really like your work 🙂

  10. Her setup strongly resembles nail career education…

  11. loved them! !!! you just got another subscriber girl!!! ???❤??

  12. Those are like Wedding Nails. They will go with everything and there really cute.. I like them

  13. Is it just me or is her set exactly the same as that of ''nailcareereducation'?

  14. hy i'm french
    I love your vidéo

  15. I love the nails camila they are beutiful

  16. Is all of the colors acrylic? Even the glitter?

  17. que número de pincel utilizas ??

  18. can you link the websites where you buy your products?

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