Perfecting 3D Acrylic Flowers

Suzie has never quite been satisfied with her 3D Flowers. Follow along with Suzie as she perfects her 3D Acrylic Flower technique.

Products featured in this video:

    1. Acrylic 3D Brush – UGLY DUCKLING
    2. Dip Powders Kiara Sky


  1. These nails are so pretty

  2. I love how this video seemed a lot less edited than others! It's genuine! Flowers are soo pretty, but difficult.. and to watch Suzie learn is inspiring, since her work is usually close to flawless. Gives hope for the rest of us!

    The purple one is on point!

  3. Great job as always! You make it look so easy! Loved the purple flower!

  4. The purple on the edge looked beautiful . I'm curious to see how it would look if u spread it out the opposite way and the purple was on the inner part of the petal. Imagine with yellow ?

  5. I can't stop watching nail videos. I DON'T EVEN PAINT MY NAILS. HELP

  6. Are those the dip powders that you're using?

  7. Suzie, you are a nail goddess

  8. These are really pretty. I appreciate how detailed your explanations are. Naio nails makes a similar flower and has good instruction also.

  9. I don't know which is better, the flowers or your delight over them ??

  10. where can I buy ugliest duckling product. Am not a professional but I do my own nails

  11. These are so pretty ! Can't wait to see what she next !

  12. This is wedding elegant. I can see this full design or an accent as a wedding nail.

  13. Can you do a vid using Max Estrada's point back jewels?

  14. 9:38 what people say when the meet me for the first time, "it just looks like a white blob"

  15. I love his Suzy and the camera man have a little thing going on, it's cute

  16. +nail career education because of ur amazing techniques I have decided to become a nail technician an continue my love and passion for nails! I start phagans beauty college bend Oregon April 10th u have inspired alot of people but u are my roll model I hope one day I can be as amazing as u ??

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