Period LIFE HACKS | How To Lose Weight When On YOUR PERIOD !!!!

Hello loves! Today I am sharing with you guys some PERIOD LIFE HACKS! During our periods we may slip on our fitness or may get bloated! I will share how to lose weight when on your period! As well as some period life hacks to help with bloating and period cramps


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  4. U should do period hacks for gym class plzzz

  5. For the banana one if you dont have any ice cream and you want some. Cut up a banana and freeze it overnight and use blender or something like that to make ice cream whoo

  6. So basically we can't eat anything ?

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  8. I just started my period and im 10 and school is about to start in august…. im glad you made this video even though im late?

  9. question is there something wrong with me I have my period every other month ?

  10. Hey u post this on my birthday that so nice because i love u

  11. My mate had dropped an insane amount of weight so needless to say I was curious. Many people suggested that I google “sowo amazing plan”. Once I listened to their assistance, I lost 12 and a half lbs.

  12. Don't eat dairy….
    I'm eating yogurt, while watching this

  13. How do u open ur legs while u have ur period

  14. what ingredients you used?

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  17. Right now I'm on my second period in my whole life and I feel PERFECT! No cramps, bloating, ahhh… ? I feel lucky

  18. I literally crave all kinds of food that I don't have at home when I'm on my period. ? These are really great hacks and they make such a difference once you implement them!! I've never tried peppermint tea while I'm on my period, but I know herbal teas are great for cramps.

  19. The craving isn't so bad but the pain!

  20. There is no way this girl is doing squats while on her period…

  21. Going on a short walk can rlly help… ☺??

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