Phoenix Neon Glowing Hair

I love Angelica’s glowing hair! It will be great in a spin class with the black light on. More Neon videos to come!


  1. If she's 14 I'm fucking 25 get the fuck outta here

  2. I'm 11 but people think I'm 14

  3. Gotta love how the camera keeps dipping down to her breasts all the time. NOT CREEPY AT ALL GUYS.

  4. He is kinda bitchy ''Turn….'' ''Uh turn'' ''Turn around!'' ''Shake it!'' ''No, turn around again..''

  5. this bitch is all showing off her hair like if its too preety

  6. She's not 14. I mean like I'm 14.

  7. Her hair looms so healthy! ??????

  8. Omg could you please do my hair like that?!?!???

  9. 14??? she looks older than me and I turned 25 2 days ago

  10. Her face looks older but the rest of her body still looks her age

  11. Especially her clothes she wears those clothes are like what a 20 year old would wear

  12. I love the colors in general. But the fact that it glows so STRONG under black light. Great for Neon Jungle

  13. I want that hair!
    I don't believe that she is 14 to be honest…But then again i'm 14 and people think I'm 16

  14. If she's not a model she deff.. Should be!! But that hair is dope as fuck!!



  17. Guys if she says she’s a teen she’s a teen so just stop guys this may offend her u know

  18. Ooo my goodis this coluor was soo fairy woooooow lovey

  19. 5:16 "ok we gotta interact now…turn around."

    lol lmfao the fakeness of it all

  20. Bueno, en la actitud si parece de 14 pero no en la apariencia xD

  21. She looks a little like Candice Swanepoel.

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