Picture Polish New 2018 Collection Swatches!


  1. ???? royal polish and hoping to get that polish

  2. Hey Hannah! I am your new subscriber just loved your voice and your nails too! You are too good at nailart and your nailart are so easy to do keep going?

  3. The princess ?color is my favorite, although all the shades are great.Thank you. More videos of no water marble please. Thank you-from Philippines ???

  4. these colors are soooo beautiful tfs 🙂

  5. Love these! Picture polish is amazing. I love how fast they dry too! Princess is my fav

  6. Beautiful polishes and video. ❤️ Could you please do swatches of the OPI x Grease collection?

  7. Do some new nail art design s

  8. Love all the colours ???
    Especially the blue? and purple?

  9. The colours are so pretty!

  10. All the 6 colors are pretty good but I loveeeeee the Fancy and Royal color the most… ?????Thanx for reviewing…. Hannah!!! ???????????☺️??

  11. You could talk a bit more about the polish and not everything else

  12. WOW! ALL of those shades are stunning but Eternal, Fresh and Destiny are my favorite! ???

  13. for some reason, royal gives me childhoos nostalgia

  14. I love everything!!!. Thanks for doing it Hannah!!!!!

  15. Destiny and royal are my favorites

  16. I can’t even handle this ?????

  17. There all pretty colors ❤️?

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