Pineapple Nail Art Design | Fruit Manicure

A pineapple nail art design using bright nail polish colors and fun little studs! This DIY manicure is perfect for the warm weather… especially if pineapple is one of your fave fruits! I’m so in love with the nail polish color scheme for this manicure… have a nail art design request? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Can I please get the link to where I can buy the green nail studs used for the pineapple stems?

  2. Where do you get the green nail studs for the pineapple stem and the gold and silver triangles? I would like to recreate this look

  3. can I get the link to where you purchased the nail studs for the pineapple?

  4. could you do a nail art on Doraemon characters

  5. My favourite fruit is strawberry

  6. My favorites future is watermelon

  7. Can you do A grape nail art?!!!

  8. I am a girl but this is my brother's account
    I have the same clear nail polish♥♡♥♡

  9. Which studs does Miri use?
    Can't seem to find studs of good quality

  10. my favorite kind of fruit is strawberries and rasberries

  11. can you please do ladybug nails? thank you!?

  12. my favorite fruits are apples plums grapes pineapples strawberries and kiwis

  13. Please do Louie Vuitton nails

  14. my fav… fruit is strawberry's

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