Pink and White Sculptured Nail for Nail Biters


  1. That seems a little long to me for someone who isn't used to any nail past the tips of their fingers.
    Wouldn't they be better off, to start with, with the acrylics not much longer than you made the nail bed?
    I am however thinking of my cousin who has never looked after her nails and is such a bad nail biter that she has bitten her nails down to about 1/3 of her natural nailbed. I have to admit she's the worst I've ever seen and I have no idea how she bit them down that far. It must've caused her a lot of pain?

  2. I really like the way you do nails

  3. Do regular nail salons know what cover up powder is if I were to ask for extended nail beds?

  4. one person i can absolutely put my guard down around. because she really knows what she is doing i dont ever look at her as she works and say no no. you shouldnt do that. or your not supposed to do that. or use this like that. literally. she is the best. hands down.

  5. Will you show all of the colors please? I'd love to see the dark and medium dark pink

  6. Tammy, you're so talented. I love your videos!♡ I could watch you work all day!!♡

    You inspire me so much, I went to nail school because I loved watching your videos. Unfortunately I am not the best Nail Technician, and am afraid to try on client's, but here you are again inspiring me!!♡ So incredibly thankful for you and your videos!♡

  7. Have missed these videos where u take ur time and talk through them .. love it !!

  8. stunning french manicured nails, flawless

  9. i was waiting for this, always in love with ur full explanation tutorials! Thank you!

  10. Fab talk through video. I love how your work is "just so." Always done with finesse and professionalism with a flawless finish.

  11. Como siempre su trabajo es espectacular.

  12. You rock, Tammy. So glad your demo videos are back. I've been doing nails for 29 yrs, but we can always learn

  13. Thank you for doing a talk through for this tutorial! I'd love for Tammy to demonstrate how to do a pink & white ombre on a nail biter!

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