Pink Glitter Half Cut Crease | LOVEEMANDA


  1. What brush do you use for your bronzer?

  2. So pretty girly loveeee this

  3. Where do you get the glitter backdrops?

  4. Yesssss ? this is one of your best looks I love it , will definitely recreate it xo

  5. ????????? please do a date night sultry look

  6. So pretty I usually hate pink makeup but this look is gorgeous esp on you!

  7. Another beautiful look! ???

  8. I loveeee the way you do your makeup ?

  9. brows are lit!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I tried this look today & got compliments on it, thank you for this beautiful look, gorgeous! <3

  11. i love this look it looks so beautiful

  12. Full face of makeups using products you hate please!!

  13. do you have a bit of a lisp in this voiceover? i feel like I've never heard it before so I'm not sure if it's just me or if you've gotten Invisalign or a plate or something

  14. Your so beautiful, Love this look ❤New subscriber,

  15. Can you please do a glam or an everyday look with the tartiest pro palette please!!! Ps i love your videos !! ❤️

  16. mandybabes should be our name ?

  17. That foundation really gives a full coverage ? and i love the eye look ?

  18. la la la love it!!!! this pink shadow and the milani blush is everything. i was so ecstatic to watch this after seeing you post it on snapchat. You're so beautiful!!

  19. can u do a vidoe for the eyebrows plzzzzz ❤!!

  20. Your brows look like they're glowing ???

  21. Gorgeous look, andddd PANDAS!!!

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