Pink Glow Color Booster

Who wants this bright Pink hair? Mydentity Color Boosters can be used by itself or used together with Mydentity Demi or Permanent. Mydentity COLORMAX Dual Boosters – Pink Glow, Aqua Blue, Turquoise, Ultra Violet

  • You can get your Guy Tang #Mydentity at Here Use code “HappyHalloween” at check out to get discount on Color Boosters and Vibrant Pastels

You can also get it in-stores or online

  • USA/Canada: CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall
  • France – Bleu Libellule
  • Quebec, Canada – Concept JP
  • United Kingdom – Salon Success/Salon Services
  • Norway – Frends
  • Sweden – Baldacci
  • Australia/New Zealand – HairCare Australia

MORE #Mydentity countries in the coming months!!!

You like the Gauntlet & Wristband I wear in this video? Get it Here I partnered with Salon Armor to custom make this nice accessory I’ve been wearing.

Guy Tang #Mydentity Color Formula:

  • Rootage Color: #Mydentity Midnight Rose 6MR Demi-Permanent Color + #Mydentity Pink Glow Dual Booster equal parts + 6 vol demi permanent dedicated developer 1:2 ratio
  • Mids and End: #Mydentity Pink Glow Dual Booster + 6 vol demi-permanent dedicated developer 1:2 ratio
  • All formula with Olaplex No.1


  1. I LIVE FOR vibrant hair with dark clothing. That is MY SHIT. I wear a lot of black and monochrome and want to go green-blue. Get my hair done on Monday so I'm gonna ask my hair stylist to do it for me! I have short hair so e en if it's too wild for me, it grows out so fast so who cares!? I'm and art kid! I live for crazy colours and experimentation!

  2. I him to do my hair. I live in North Dakota and there is no one here that knows how to do hair

  3. you’re 36?!?!?! i definitely thought you were in your mid-twenties at most ??

  4. I think they got a room after.


  6. The end was so cute oh my goodnessssss

  7. How long does it did that color stay

  8. Your like markiplier, but hot ❤

  9. omg please do my hair ! i have naturaly curly/wavy hair im starting to do music ! i want green hair omg like very dark alternative hair please consider a new client!!! heres my email. [email protected] @guytang

  10. I have green hair right now 🙂

  11. Ah it would be lovely to be blessed with guys hair skills ?

  12. Hermoso video
    Nose si el sea gay
    Pero me gusta ?

  13. Sexy as hell in the montage!

  14. Ohhh Guy. You are so very talented and effing hilarious!!!

  15. Omg I'm loving the hair color i soo want my hair that color !!!

  16. He needs to save Jenna Marbles’ hair ?

  17. Why does guy have those bracelets or whatever that are?

  18. Thank you for always cheering me up and being so awesome!


  20. Wouldn't his bf get jealous .. :/

  21. How much would it cost for me to come to you and pay you to just go to work on my hair. Just let you choose what you want to do.

  22. I love watching your videos! I'm excited to add Mydentity into my coloring options!! <3

  23. “I use two fingers I go in and spread her open “ ?????

  24. This is one of my favorite videos. Not only for the education, but for the fun chemistry you two have together!

  25. She messed up her own hair, girl!!!! Let Guy Tang do your hair from now on. I love how he does hair color!!!

  26. yah look like a snack lol ove the hair gonna ask my stylist to do it on me i liked the pink glow by it self

  27. I thought he was like 22 years old this whole time ? oml

  28. That montage on the end was EVERYTHING!!! I had to rewatch it a few times!! ??? you are FIRE guy!!

  29. I was surprised they did not kiss

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