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You so fancy! Plate like a pro with these quick and easy dinner party plating tricks

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  1. The question is will someone get full with such a small serving?

  2. Is that really how little people eat?

  3. Those plates at the beginning are those plates that are worth like $75 ???????

  4. Iam a moslim you have a problem in me ??

  5. I see these videos for satisfaction

  6. สสวมสนนนจนรชขชฟๅๆๅๆเ,ิ. อออแภ๓? ,,อทวววบบล

  7. What are they squeezing onto the plate?!?!

  8. Me: I have very little food for Party
    ( Phone notification rang )
    I watched this
    Now my dishes are painted
    Friend: you are an amazing painter

  9. I don't trust the glue cap…

  10. I guess one could say the lemon one was "Easy-peasy, LEMON SQUIZY! " lol
    P. S mind my spelling

  11. Great value-adding tips. Now you can sell those supermarket cakes for 10X the price!

  12. Every fine dining restaurant ever…

  13. So so yummy?????????????????????????????

  14. I could eat everything in one sitting

  15. Because every onee has heavy cream and chives at home

  16. When your boyfriend's parents are coming over but you're running out of time and you lied to them saying you're a chef and they believed it so now you gotta live with that title and show them

  17. Tasty and So Yummy are copying each other..

  18. If you did this on MasterChef…

  19. So delicius????

  20. Giant plate and bite sized servings…

    …seems legit…

    You can literally use a smaller plate and still fit he decorations on..

  21. The portions are so small ??

  22. These are so clever and original like wtf

  23. But do you really need fancy plating for store bought sushi???

  24. Don’t decorate your plate with stuff you can’t eat

  25. This is the only better food channels so yummy Yam Yam wow

  26. How much plates did you have ??????!!!!!?!?

  27. You need compatible sauces w the dishes. Mehhhh eel sauce??? W sushi?

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