I thought it would be fun to upload an extra video for you guys this week and try out some of the popular nail polish themed games on Girls Go Games. So let’s play these cringy and weird games together! First we’ll begin by painting Elsa’s nails…

You can find the games I played here


  1. Aww this is so cute! Haha. I used to play those types of games all the time as a child lmfao.

  2. Omg I always used to go on this site

  3. You should do one where you follow what the game does in real

  4. Can you try and recreate these designs. I would LOVE to see that. Thanks

  5. I like the video enjoy so much your channel please the sims

  6. How did I not know about Cute Play ?

  7. There is a app called youcam nails it's pretty good ?? love you

  8. Check out you cam nail

  9. This is great i have also played this game i really love it….????

  10. Lol I can't believe I used to play these cringy things only a few years ago!! But there is one that is pretty decent it's called the super nail salon, you should try that one next time! xx❤️

  11. hi can u please tell where did the polish blast game went plz
    i m trying to find it but i m not getting it
    i love that game

  12. I heard you're canadian? Is that true?

  13. Those games are pretty weird sometimes 😀

  14. I played games on this website all the time as a child!! ?

  15. Why are some of these games so weird hahaha ?? L9ved the video though! Your gaming videos are really entertaining to watch I hope you get more subscribers on Cuteplay soon! Love you ???

  16. Glad to see your face pop up here! Miss you ?!

  17. Who else thought this was a CutePlay video? I did! ??

  18. I used to love girl go games when I was like 12

  19. If you don't want to play odd games PLAY MINECRAFT PLEASE THANK YOU!?

  20. If Sandi was a my little pony i like she will be a Rarity!??

  21. I remember these games ??? they are so weird

  22. I love your videos Sandi. I’ve been watching them since you started this channel! You’re amazing and it’s awesome to see how far you’ve come and the growth of your channel. I hope you have a fantastic day, you honestly deserve so much more, you’re awesome!! Keep smiling!!

  23. LOL. I used to live for these games as a kid.

  24. I'm not early but I loveee your videos and you are sooooooo pretty sandi xx❣️❣️❣️

  25. Could you pls do another minecraft video❤

  26. The diamond game is hilarious. Why wouldn't you shape after cutting lmao. They're so backwards

  27. I love your YouTube channel♥️

  28. Yassssss, girl that's tha ring we need! Holo love your videos!!Thanks for all of the vids and really helpful tutorials! Bye

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