Polish Blast Game Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys! Today’s nail art tutorial features the adorable character bottles from my nail polish puzzle game app Polish Blast along with… me?! Oh my gosh!!! Minnie is just so talented so it was an honour that she painted Polish Blast nails! She even turned me into a Sailor Senshi (She knows I’m a HUGE Sailor Moon fan!) on her other hand! Thank you Minnie for this incredible tutorial – I love having her as part of the CutePolish Crew 🙂

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. اشتركو بقناةNano1400

  2. how? just…how? amazing skills. amazing.

  3. I can't even do this on paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  4. Mini's freehand painting skills are just incredible <3

  5. +cutepolish I was on Level 14 when I first played Polish Blast. It was lit! :3

  6. I looove your game. I play it almost every day

  7. minni your good at deawing

  8. like if you watch this video
    and comparing these storng beautiful nails with your short small nails ?

  9. how do you close the nail polish bottles in polish blast

  10. does any acrylic paint work?

  11. I love the game sooo much!!!?

  12. It's really cute!!!
    (by the way, I really love your polish blast game!)

  13. can you do a barbie nail art?pls

  14. +cutepolish How long does it take to complete the game you created?

  15. If someone draw that on my nails.. I will keep that forever.. love these!! so much talent!! and I'm here, being a potato….

  16. this nail art is the best I liked

  17. can you please do nail art of Pokemon go

  18. Omg!? i can't even paint a straight line?

  19. Minnie u r SOO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I love Minnie's nail shape, and she's SO good at drawing on nails!

  21. Omg I wish I can paint like you on my nails I'm sooooo bad 🙁

  22. I played the game and it was amazing I love it????????

  23. You are fantastic! I love your game " polish blast"♡♥♡♥

  24. Wtf is the point of this. This ain't no diy, no normal person can do this. From a salon pov the time this shit takes you would be charged more for the design then the actual nail service.

  25. Anyone else just sitting there being like how on earth can she do that when I can't even paint one finger???

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