PolyGel: Acrylic Artist’s Review

Suzie finally has some PolyGel to play with! Using the Gelish PolyGel Master Kit, Suzie tries PolyGel for her first time, exploring how this product compares to using Acrylic or Gel – she even tests a French Design.

Products featured in this video:


  1. i can’t get over her throwing everything behind her?

  2. Can you try Sheba gelcrylic system next? It's like gel mixed with acrylic polymer.

  3. It makes me laugh when she throws stuff behind her, haha!

  4. That was fun watching…..can't wait to see what you do next!!!

  5. What do you think about SNS dipping powder ?

  6. Can you do one more in depth for the French? Mine keeps falling off either because it's too thin or too thick that it doesn't cure. ☹️?

  7. Would absolutely love it if you could do more design type of videos with the Polygel… can you use glitter with polygel similar to how you would use it with acryilc etc. More demo's please! <3

  8. Does the product bubble the longer you work it like gel does?

  9. I like your work but it si too long.

  10. That was so therapeutic to watch 🙂

  11. bring back the nail kit for beginners!!!!!

  12. I asked myself if she took a valium prior to making this video ?! I love how relaxed she is when describing every detail in this

  13. What can you use as a cleanser if you don't have that kit?

  14. If you were in my area I would go back to acrylics. I love the look, but all the places in my area just destroy my nails

  15. How do you do a smooth grow out? Thank you!

  16. I notice you don't pinch the nail, why is that?

  17. Omg.? sticky.sticky.sticky….lol too funny

  18. Should you use top coat for the underside?

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