PolyGel: Removal, Fill and Sculpting a French Fade

Suzie has been wearing PolyGel for three weeks, and she needs a fill. How did the PolyGel hold up? In this thorough step-by step tutorial, Suzie shows how to remove PolyGel, Fill and Sculpt a French Fade with PolyGel.

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  1. Suzie do you ever come to Windsor canada?

  2. Hello Suzi, I just love your channel. I am a nail tech student and while attending Fashion Focus in North Carolina I purchased the Polygel kit. I think this is my favorite medium to work with so far. Thank you for all of your great informative tutorials.

  3. Dear Suzie, it has be a time since you tested this new "gel". What is your long-term experience? Have you done more Nails with this System? I'm gonna try this too, it just seem to be the perfect marriage between gel and acrylic.
    Thank you so much for all you videos, I just love them. Could watch them the whole day ?? Greetings from Switzerland

  4. Hi im so in love with your videos, they are really helpful!
    I've also tried the product and i found it was easier if you first fade the white color (it has to be a small amount) in the border line (extra wet), cure it and then give the lenght
    then you would use less product (cover pink) but also you need to use in top the clear one.
    It might help!

  5. I keep getting the polygel flowing into the cuticle after I use the slip around the cuticle.  Trying this on someone with sensitivity so I have concerns. Any ideas?

  6. The Dust residue gets me triggered every time. Wash your hands no?

  7. Hello Suzie!, Thanks for your videos!! I have a question, the only way to take out the polygel is filing the nail? or there is another way, like a remover or something? Thank you so much!!

  8. I am having the worst time with Polygel when I use it for extensions! I know it is softer than acrylic, but they have popped off on every client that have worn them as a sculpted extensions. My clients that are wearing it as an overlay, aren't having that issue..I do correct prep, dehydration, and priming and nothing is helping. I've also saw several other techs are having the same problem. Any tips??

  9. i've used this polygel and i liked the results.. unfortunately when i went to do the refill i found out that one of nails has molds! what do u think the reason for that? thanks 🙂

  10. Can't have nails like that when you play the violin..lol Your videos relax me so much..you are very talented.

  11. Suzie! Your videos always have the best music!!

  12. Hi Suzie, first I want to say that I really really love your videos I think they help a lot. In these ones about the PolyGel you can really clearly see how to shape and work with it! Now what I find myself struggeling with is that it lifts quite often on the sides specifically on the stress area, I don't think that it is the prepping because if I would file more I would harm the natural nail, but I think it has more to do with the thickness of the nail and the blending. I notice that i have a lot of difficulty building my nail the right way.. Could you maybe make a video about how thick a nail should be and on which critical parts you have to focus on to build it strong and durable? Lots of love

  13. wow Suzie, your grow out is amazing I couldn't even tell where it was!! Just shows how amazing you are!

  14. okay so I got my nails done 2 weeks ago acrylics to be exact well anyways when I was getting it done the guy who did my nails I think dug into my cuticles with the drill because they started to burn on my index and pointer fingers when he put nail polish on it ?

  15. Bob Ross of nails, ladies and gentlemen! Just wow!? I’d watch you educate in any beauty field. I’m a hair stylist and makeup artist who enjoys venturing off into other realms of our industry and this was a gem to see arrive in my suggestions feed. It’s well educated, not preachy, beautifully edited, and you’re so calming with your on camera presence. I’ll keep browsing videos for fun and relaxation!

  16. Those the first video I have seen of yours, you are seriously the bob Ross of nails! So peaceful to listen too!

  17. What kind of acrylic brand do u use in salon

  18. I wonder if u put some on a mold paper and worked it to softness

  19. I love how you refer to the polygel as a him ??

  20. I finally got to see this second video, I bought my products as soon as they were available here in Ontario, My only problem is getting Good forms to Sculpt, not many good ones here In Capital City, so if you can direct me to the ones you use Suzie that would be awesome. I've purchased them all , and they don't work well with Polygel or even regular gel, thank you for the great videos, I've been a tech 13 yrs but love always learning

  21. I loved this job but I couldn't find nail class in Pittsburgh !

  22. Suzie i really love that French nail it looks so cute!

  23. we were told in our training that you can't use the opaque colours over an opaque form/tip as it won't cure properly as the LED can't penetrate through both layers… I guess this is why Suzie's was wet when the form was removed?

  24. I always have the worst luck finding a person/salon that does nails well. Even when I ask tons of locals, read reviews and and do my research it never turns out well. Anyone have ANY advice or things to look for in the salon?

  25. I wonder, for a French fade, would it be smart to mix the white and cover pink together for that blending area?? Or no, bad idea? I don’t know lol

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