Popcorn Nail Art


  1. hunger games all the way so exited for mockingjay part 2 if you haven't read the book it is even better than the movies or divergent insurgent and probably allegent

  2. Either inception or The Lord of the Rings trilogy?

  3. The Harry Potter series is definitely my favorite

  4. Lol I'm not that talented

  5. My favoritebis defintley divergent and insurgent snd prob alleigent

  6. My fave all time movie is Charlie in the chocolate factory. <3

  7. Your arts are amazing but from where i will find this tools? (dotting tools, scrubs etc) can you please suggest some homemade tools.

  8. Hey can you use that homemade dotting tools in your videos sometime 

  9. I am watching in 2015 too! I saw her new videos and when I saw this one, I was thinking how much it changed

  10. The Titantic and like this comment if your watching in 2015!

  11. My favorite movie is return to Nim's island

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