Practice Hands and Fingers Review

Practice hands and fingers are great for learning acrylic/gel application, and experimenting with Nail Art designs. Suzie compares 4 popular practice fingers and hands.

Products featured in this video:

  • Plastic Practice Finger (long nail): Here
  • Plastic Practice Finger (short nail – can use tips as well): Here
  • Pair of Plastic Fingers: Here
  • Flexible Practice Hand: Here
  • Diane Practice Hand: Here
  • Red Iguana Silicone Practice Hand: Here

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commission from sales. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie’s viewers who are interested in finding the products online.


  1. Those hands creep me out for some reason

  2. Can you practice dip powder on these? Or just gel & acrylic?

  3. I can never get acrylic to stick onto the little cheap ones ;~;

  4. I was hoping you would have featured the Glamerliz & Poochiez hands in this video as well as they are the most realistic I’ve found on the market to date? Xxx

  5. YouTube turned my notifications off ??‍♀️ they need to stop messing with our subs!! I’m super stoked to see this though ❤️

  6. Suzie, would you recommend nail products (gel, poly gel, acrylic, drills and bits) from sites such as Wish or AliExpress? They are cheap, but can the quality be trusted?

  7. I "had" to get nails done for a wedding. Sigh. The gel peeled straight off and destroyed my poor nails. Now I'm just drooling over the pretty nails here.

  8. I want a Red Iguana hand for my nail channel. I have the hand that connects to the table but the nails don't stay in well at all.

  9. Thanks for sharing this useful video…
    Love that Red Iguana one ??

  10. So you can soak off the nails from the silicone hand?

  11. I have the white silicone hand and it’s a pain to work with tbh because since there isn’t an end to the nailbed it’s quite easy to have the underside of your acrylic nails to be filled when sing a nail form and the pinky is too close to the ring finger so it’s hard to get that one side, I’ve been very frustrated before working with them lol I guess solution is use nail tips but other than that it’s not that bad I’ve never seen any of the other ones

  12. This made me think of Chubbs Peterson from Happy Gilmore lol

  13. Thank you so much for your help, I have been practicing on my own finger nails just because there are so many different things I haven’t tried. I do have the little fingers and wondered how to place the form on also if I can actually put acrylic on them as well as how to get the acrylic off of them when I am done. Omg!!!!! You are such a life saver!!!!! Thank you ?

  14. Suzie ! You should have reviewed @glamerliz hands. They are so realistic and hand painted to look so reall

  15. With the hand that you put the form on and it popped off the sides could you put a file to the sides to create a rougher surface so the form might stick better ? Idk that might not be advised ?

  16. My fav are the plastic practice fingers. They are cheap but very helpful. And you can work on every place with them.

  17. Can you please do a video using the diana hand? I have it at home and would love some tips!

  18. Whenever you pop one of those fake nails off, I feel like you are doing it on my hands and it freaks me out a lot 😮

  19. I love your videos they have helped me get a better understanding of the nail world which is very helpful as I hope to become a nail technician as soon as I can

  20. I just realized those hands look better than mine! lol Great video suzie!♥

  21. These would be so great to practice getting steady with the weaker hand so that when you pain your own nails it'll be more consistent.

  22. Suzie your hair looks beautiful ♥️

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