Pretty Floral Nail Art

I created these pretty floral nails using Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Secret Garden collection! This design is so easy to do, and perfect for this time of year!

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  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Flower Crown
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Freesia Your Mind
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Ba-Bloom
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat
  • Winstonia – Dotting Tool


  1. Its pretty but looks difficult

  2. Wow…. One of my favourite nail arts ever… well done hannah

  3. super pretty..also looks easy to do……………love it

  4. Hannah u r really a true nail artist…simply perfect nails. love u

  5. hello where did you purchase the star hole puncher?

  6. Very pretty you must have a steady hand

  7. Ur nails are amazing I love that shape…..I WANT UR NAILLLSS????

  8. Please make a video on how to file your nails oval 🙂 I really like your nail shape!

  9. U should grow out ur nails??????

  10. wow I have watched every video of u………juzz luv them

  11. Wow hannah so beautiful keep up the good work ???? ❤❤???

  12. A lot of people don't like the miracle gel but I like it ?

  13. These are gorgeous❣

  14. how old are you Hannah please reply!!

  15. Sooo cute and summer nails ??

  16. Sooo cute an summer nails ??

  17. Gorgeous design.. you make it look so easy but it is difficult for me.

    I just made mine cherries coz I wasn't good with drawing flowers ?

  18. i love this art I'll defiantly do this…????❤❤

  19. Beautiful Hannah. I love the colours.x

  20. Wow, you are such a talented nail artist! You can free hand draw so beautifully, like I can't even do that

  21. That looks really easy!☺️?

  22. I get confused whither it is Hannah on her channel or on cute polish ?
    love your work on both ??

  23. how long does this top coat make your mani last?

  24. your nail arts are just so unique and very talented im amazed by everyone hannah you should do nails forever!!?????

  25. I am planning on trying Sally Hansen's gel polish very soon! ???

  26. I really love your nail art and i was wondering how long your nails are in cm ??

  27. I just love how neat and perfect your designs turn out. it's so satisfying to watch!! ? (is that creepy? sorry ?)

  28. Can you do a tutorial using your non dominant hand or provide tips for nail art in non dominant hand?

  29. Hannah how long do you wait between colour applications to let it dry? I always feel like that is my problem.

  30. yay!Hannah!! ❤❤ it's so beautiful! congrats on the sponsorship! love you!

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