Pretty Lace Nail Art (perfect for weddings & festivals!)

I decided to revamp my old lace tutorial since I have much better quality, and different tips to share! These are perfect for weddings, parties, and festivals!



  1. Seeing the thumbnail, I thought you stamped the design on your nail. I was really impressed to see you free hand this one. 🙂

  2. Love this nail art it inspired me to make this design. ☺️ love your videos HannahRoxNails ❤️

  3. These are so cute. Hopefully it's as easy as it looks ?

  4. I love you soo much and watch your videos nearly everyday

  5. So glad I saw your collaboration with cutepolish! You break down the painting so well, I might actually be able to do it. Subscribed!

    Dumb Old Lady Question: Does the matte top coat make any polish appear matte?

  6. really so matt and I like to see this video again. its quite prettiest nail arts I had ever seen

  7. This is sooooo prettyyyyyy design

  8. Love these!! Can you do a nautical nail tutorial?

  9. So pretty! I really hope you win the Essie thingamajig, totally technical term lol. But I truly hope you win, you're fantastic!

  10. Do a nail art and/or swatch with the kylie jenner polish

  11. This is so cute!! ?

  12. Do you have Instagram? I checked the description but I might of missed it ??❤️

  13. Woow!!?✨ How can you create such a beautiful design so easily?!!?? You're amazing! I LOVE this soft pink so much!!????

  14. Do u only do this design for you left hand only or after the vidoe u do the other hand

  15. Where did you buy that matte top coat I've been trying to find one for a while

  16. Hi Hannah ! Love it ! Bisous!

  17. Very pretty And elegant! I love this pink ?

  18. i have tried this nail too i cannot let it see here its a pitty

  19. This is amazing. I actually thought that you used nail stamps ?

  20. Super pretty! Awesome job 😀

  21. i recreated this design back when you did this in lavender! 😀

  22. interesting trick you got there on applying a glossy top coat before the matte one. I shall try that out.

  23. OMG! So beautiful ??? btw I voted for you ?

  24. I remember this design on your old video. It's still beautiful as ever! I need to try do this design soon!

  25. Missed your videos Hannah! So glad you're back 😀 loved this one ♥


  27. Acrylic paint comes off with nail polish remover as well?

  28. So beautiful and delicate! Love them! ??✨

  29. Can you please make a video on how to paint your nails perfectly? I'm so obsessed with your skills!! You just got yourself a new sub! ?

  30. did you delete the original video tutorial? I loved it! your cute top matched the nail design perfectly.

  31. I subscribed when you first posted this design and I've been here ever since. it's still my favorite!!! ?

  32. You always make it so easier for us ??
    Love you Hannah miss your updates. Keep uploading the videos. Stay blessed ??

  33. Can you please do a video on how you take care of your nails and how are your cuticles so perfect and what makes your nails photograph really well. Indeed you have really beautiful nails and hands.

  34. The design is very good

  35. im obsessed with these nails!:)) is there a particular reason you used acrylic paint instead of white nail polish?

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