Pretty Little Liars Beauty HACKS EVERY Girl Should Know !!

Hello loves! today I am sharing the cast of pretty little liars beauty hacks that you need to know! Beauty secrets of Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario !!


  1. Aria aka Lucy Hale! SHE IS DAAA BEST

  2. Elene from vampiere diares sorry for my bad english

  3. That show was my life and want to meet them all too! Do Glee

  4. i cant let this happen pll fans we have to start a fan group to continue it!

  5. Do a Nicki minja beauty hacks ?

  6. Please do fifth harmony hacks! And btw my fav character is Alison I love her so much…

  7. I love pretty little liars I love aria Montgomery the best pll is my life

  8. Best of celebrity beauty hacks is this??PLL FOREVER ??

  9. my fav character is spancer

  10. Hanna! She is beautiful ? and funny. also love Mona ❤

  11. any koreans or Chinese here?

  12. although i m asian but i seldom watch western movies but this western movie is one of my favourite

  13. I love pll and my fav character is spencer ❤️❤️

  14. Pretty little liars is literally MY LIFE!!!I l love it so much, my fav character is Hanna cuz she's hilarious.I honestly don't know what i'm gonna do with my life when it's over.

  15. +Nicoletexo Do with Nina Dobrev or Britt Robertson please

  16. Omg ? Aria is my fav (Lucy Hale)❤️

  17. do on gossip girls hacks also!!! please!!!

  18. Love PLL! Aria aka Lucy Hale and Spencer aka Troian Bellisario are my favs!!! I cant believe its almost over!!! ?

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