Hey guys! Todays video is a makeup transformation inspired by the Pretty Little Liars Finale! I love the show and have been following pll for so long so I wanted to film a video inspired by it. Here is a makeup tutorial of the 5 liars where I try to make myself look like the characters using makeup, hope you enjoy! Please Tweet this out to the cast from PLL! I hope one of them will get to see this video.
Love you guys – Roxi



    • What camera do you use?
      Sony A7s ii
    • What editing software do you use?
      Final Cut Pro
    • What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
      Blonde – I get it done at the Salon.
    • Where are you from?
      I am living in the United Kingdom.


  1. I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup transformation video! I haven't done an artistic video such as this in a while and it was so much fun to put my makeup skills to the test hehe! Please share this video on twitter if you enjoyed it, I would LOVE for one of the girls from the PLL cast to stumble across this. I love you guys! – Roxi

  2. Besides the eyeliner I think they all look the same

  3. pakisaurus I possibly think that you should dye your hair black

  4. yasss i've been waiting for this

  5. Such a good video! I love the idea of it ?

  6. Please do a riverdale version of this!!

  7. You done so good at making these looks the same as in the show especially Spencer!!??

  8. This is such a nice video? I can't believe it's over?
    btw. Can you please film the 'Pll tag'? ?

  9. naaaah too soon to be talking about pll I still can't get over that TERRIBLE finale ?✋?

  10. I think you did really good ❤


  12. awesome……..I love pretty little liers looks………and you look fabulous in every look??

  13. You are so creative and this was a great video idea!! How did you even come up with it?? Love your videos ❤️ (liked before watching)

  14. Anyone who have never seen single episode of PLL but watching this video because you just love to or is it just me .Love you roxi

  15. You look so much like Spencer

  16. you looked just like alison, it was scary

  17. Hi Roxie I know you won't see this but I just wanna tell you that you're the most inspirational youtuber ever lately I've been through some pretty sad stuff my grandma passed away last week and my brother had a car accident and also with the stress of tests and exams recently I feel drained but when I watch your videos it just light ns my mood and makes me smile for no reason so I would just like to say, Thank You- Lindyanna xx

  18. so nice!!!!!you are so beautiful!!!??

  19. omg how spooky love this and love the intro it's so unique love you xxxx

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