Hey guys! In today’s video I thought I would test pretty little thing beauty / makeup to see what the deal is! I wasn’t even aware that PLT had a beauty range so thought that maybe some of you guys might not either and I love PLT for clothing so let’s see if their makeup is a hit or miss? I spent over £100 in this haul so I have high hopes!


  1. Hope you guys are having an amazing day and enjoyed today's video! What did you guys think about the PLT Beauty products? There was some I LOVED and some that were a bit of a miss but I had fun trying them all! Shall I try out any other brands for future videos and if so what ones? let me know! Love you guys!

  2. Love this look and i LOVE you’re new hair! It’s SO pretty and you look so pretty???

  3. Have you tried the boohoo makeup line?

  4. i guessed £150. i missed the real price. was I close?

  5. Would love to see you do a W7 make up testing video ??

  6. You looked so beautiful in thumnail lots of love from Pakistan ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. 5:21
    you realise there is no brush in the brush bit ??

  8. U should do a full face of Primark makeup

  9. Can you test for us the newest primark make up

  10. okropnie to jest chore i tapety na to ?????????????

  11. Love it ?? can’t wait till r next video x could you test boots n7 makeup ? x

  12. I really like these testing out vids. We get to see so many of the products and your honest opinion about everything. ? also I was just watching your hair tutorial videos and I almost forgot how light your hair was ?

  13. I love your nails!!! The color looks really good on you

  14. “Fall our boy called and they want their fall out back” IM CRYING I LOVE HER

  15. “Fall Out Boy called and they want their fallout back” lmaoo

  16. This video could have been half the length if you just got on with it

  17. Why’s she like a girl version of Ali A ?

  18. You should do a I went under cover as a fan page video I love them so much

  19. You should do a I went under cover as a fan page video I love them

  20. You should do a I went under cover as a fan page video I love them

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