Pretty Pin-Curled Formal Updo

I decided it was time for the occasional formal advanced-ish style. I think you could try this on a friend even if you can’t do it on yourself.

Products I used:

  • Hot Tools Titanium 1″ iron (I like a bit more than the gold ones, because it cleans easier and doesn’t
  • stick to the hair as much)
  • Mariana Bobby Pins
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • BigSexyHair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

What I’m wearing:

  • Shirt: Molli Mia
  • Bracelet: etsy
  • Ring: Jewel Mint


  • Blush: Physicians Formula Matchmaker in Natural
  • Highlight: Hard Candy Bronzer in Tiki
  • Eyes: Naked 1 and 2 palettes
  • Mascara: Revlon 3D Volumizing Mascara
  • Lips: Revlon Sky Pink and NYX Mega Shine in Sweet heart


  1. I love this style. It's fabulous!

  2. I love your work and tutorials!!!  To the point and beautifully done!!  You are awesome at making these videos and hair styles. 

  3. What brand curl tongs would you recommend? many thanks for video rally helpful! :X

  4. it looks like she got roses on her head 🙂 Beautiful ♥


  6. normally, How can I hide the bobby pins if I was just adding pin curls on the side of my head with hair that is wavey? the pin curls would be added "sparkle" aka decoration

  7. I like it more when you try the hairstyles on your own hair because then you "proof" it also can be done by only one person … it gives hope 😀

  8. thank you showing how to properly have that beehive at the crown of the head. I couldn't seem to get a symmetrical shape. this helps alot!

  9. ahhh omg you're amazing at hair

  10. oh ballsack why didn't i see this before homecoming

  11. can you do some more styles on her hair? my hair is like that and i wanna see more styles on someone with thicker hair

  12. a lot of youtube hair guru's are seriously better than some celebrity stylists. does anyone else agree.

  13. This is absolutely stunning! I really wish i could do this to my own hair but i am always worried because i cant see the back of my head!!

  14. I love this but that amount of back combing scares me. I'd never get it all back out.

  15. How long did this style take you?

  16. Wow!! This is exactly what I want my hairstyle to look like for graduation!!! I'm definitely gonna use this or something similar to this!!!! You have great tutorials!!!!! 🙂

  17. hi my beginning in learning hair styles was with u thanks, so did u get married or not yet?

  18. Oh, sorry, I do not speak English so I asked 🙂 THANKS

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