Pretty Princess-y Half Updo

Even if you don’t have a prom to wear this two, try it for the next wedding you attend, graduation, summer party, anywhere you would wear a pretty half up style! 🙂
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Easy Twisting Waterfall Braid Tutorial:

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  1. That is really pretty. I'm going to try it tomorrow for the school dance.

  2. Do you have to do the twist. It's pretty I just don't want it on mine. Do you think it would look ok without it?

  3. you can be com to me hahahhahah

  4. is this a hairstyle you can do by yourself or only with a person doing it for you? cause i wanna do this hairstyle on myself for my sister's wedding.

  5. I'm going to try to do this by myself.

  6. I saw this on pintress but how do you do the flower BTW I love this look

  7. How do u smooth the bump? With what kind of brush

  8. I'm kinda in love with this hair style

  9. this is gorgeous I'm going to try and convince my mom to do this for my military ball coming up next week on Saturday

  10. can you do this on yourself?

  11. can this style be done with thin hair

  12. What a pretty, pretty hair style! I'm curious though- is there anyway to get the volume of that bump without back combing? I've been dying my hair a lot recently, so I've been working very hard to take care of it and I'm worried the back combing won't be good for it. I have a very special date night coming up tomorrow though and I wanted a pretty half up do like this, so I'd be willing to bite the bullet and back comb if I absolutely have to, but I'm curious if there are other ways!

  13. what kind of brush is used in this video?

  14. I am going to a high school dance on the fifth and I am totally going to do this. Thanks so much for the video!

  15. I'll just sit here looking at the screen because no one in my family can do this except my mother… Who's not in the country right now… I'll just sit in the corner and cry… That sounds good 🙁

  16. it was amazing that you've done it so nicely, i would try it.

  17. i Was Thinking of trying this for my cousins wedding tomorrow. but just regular water fall braids

  18. I think I found the hair style for my wedding:)

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