Prom Nails: Perfect Glitter Ombre DIY!

Looking for the perfect DIY glitter ombre nail art design for Prom or another special occasion? In today’s DIY nail art video, I’ll show you just that! I absolutely adore this design, as it’s so gorgeous and really makes your hands sparkle and stand-out for a big day!


  • Zoya Get Even Base Coat
  • China Glaze For Audrey
  • Essie Trophy Wife
  • Zoya Vega
  • Formula X Top Coat

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thank you so much for watching and supporting my nail art channel. I truly appreciate each one of you, and you always make my day when you comment here and send me messages on social media 🙂



  1. is there an alternate for liquid latex that i can use? thx! luv u <3

  2. When she said glossy inside of beautiful shine ?

  3. Btw those nails art design are so glittery cool!

  4. Your ombré nail art design rocks!

  5. I like your dress is beautiful

  6. Thanks Sandy I have a dance on the 29th and my dress is teal and silver which color should i do please reply because I'm confused!

  7. what would my colour combination be if I have a black dress? ?

  8. u should make press on nails with u designs id buy them cuz i suck at painting

  9. I just love the colors used in this video.
    My favorite color is any shade of blue! 🙂

  10. so pretty! can u tell me the name of the essie n china glaze color in the video?

  11. I tried this and it's amazing!!

  12. Sandi upload more often please I luv ur videos and I can't wait over a month for 1 video

  13. Why you dont show againnst your face in the videos

  14. Very Nice

  15. That looks amazing and so pretty 🙂

  16. How could you be so patient when it comes to drying those nails??!!

  17. It sucks that we are not aloud to wear nail varnish at school

  18. Very beautiful! I love your YouTube channel!???

  19. I would love it if dropped by my channel…I also do nail art and other advice videos on confidence, body image etc..hope to see you there?

  20. I always feel like my nails take forever to dry :c

  21. didn't you do the same design but with pink??

  22. this is the 3rd time i watched this video this week! i just love it<33

  23. Hi your videos are spectacular and it would be so great if u could subscribe to my channel

  24. I have a small problem. My nails are too oily and the polish doesn't last past a day. I love painting my nails and keeping them pretty but every time I paint my nails, the color starts to peel the next day. I use base coat and top coat so I don't know if there is something I am doing wrong. Do you have any tips for my issue?

  25. thanx for the tip my promotion is coming up and i planing on using this nail design i love your videos and again thanks:D btw the prom dress is beautiful on u.u go girl lol

  26. Make a video doing your toe nails!

  27. Hi sandi, beautiful design! I am just wondering what video editor, photo editor and camera do u use for your videos coz they are up to the mark 🙂 
    I make nail videos too do have a look if u get time, thanks.. cheers!

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