Prom Nails to Match a Prom Dress

Suzie creates a Prom Nail Art Design, specifically tailored to compliment a beautiful Prom Dress.

Products used in this video:


  1. The base of the dress looks like bubble rap

  2. I love seeing your videos. I do want to see more of your videos.

  3. The nails are great! I don't mean to be rude but who else saw the hair at 6:15? (On the thumb) XD hahaha

  4. what to use to make the jewls last 3 to 4 weeks? which is when most clients need a fill. I don't think the base and top coat make them last long right?

  5. Yeah I agree it's not really so great… but I think it would work slightly with other colours

  6. like your vidoes girl hey girl

  7. I say 'really' just like you Suzie

  8. I have watched a lot of your videos and I love how you break it down, you have such a great voice for instruction and you are so gorgeous.

  9. U look great in short nails

  10. if u shake a bottle it will cause bubbles i've had them on my nail disgusting

  11. How old are you and where do you live and work?

  12. gold is really pretty on you

  13. These are so pretty for prom night.

  14. I only went to my senior prom. And my dress was this big poofy lime green dress when a beaded chest and lace up back.
    Dress was gorg but I left prom early because it was so uncomfortable.

  15. I love all your tutorials …I watch them all the time ..everything i learned till to this day is brmecause of you..u inspir me…and I learn to it on my own watching you…you are a great teacher… wish u were hear in Hamilton Canada …to do a teaching class I would go for sure ..

  16. I like the video exempt the end it just replays

  17. I love your Ideas!!!!! You are soo sweet and helpful when you do your nails!!!! Love you!!! -♡♡♡♡♡ Zion

  18. I have watched a lot of her vids she makes great nail art but I was not a big fan of this one I am not sure why. Not trying to hate I still love her content

  19. Suzie outside of YouTube I bet you're a teacher, aren't you? You just have that feel about yourself. I would love to study under you haha

  20. Where did you get that dress ?

  21. No way !!!!! 52 no way u look so beautiful u look more 45 wow I wish I could be like you when I am that age I mean u r beautiful :*

  22. do wedding nails!!! soft pinks, or whites! 😀

  23. i used to just paint my nails starti g from te cuticle but now I first put a little drop in the middle and spread it like Suzie. I watched one too many videos ?

  24. I live in Brisbane (Aus) and when I heard Suzie pronounce it differently to myself I totally forgot Americans pronounce it that way ?

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