PROS & CONS of Dip Powder Nails!

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  • Kiara Sky Dip Powder Set: Here
  • Get The Kiara Sky Dip Powder Set We Used Here

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  1. dip powder destroyed my nails!!! it did not protect them at all if anything once i started growing my natural nails i realized how weak my nails were when i was doing dip.

  2. That was very informative and helpful. Thank you so much sharing 🙂

  3. But what if these do last 2+weeks, how would you do a refill? Would you remove the mani and start all over again?

  4. I would say the removal process is also a con and very important for people who are on the fence about buying this type of product to know about.

  5. Can you make videos twice a week??

  6. Wow they look nice and beautiful sandi you made the rigt choice in making your partners.???????

  7. could you do a taking care of your nail tools video

  8. Love how you are covering so many topics!?

  9. Omg I've been waiting for a video like this… thanks

  10. I use the NSI Nails system at home and I love love love it. I can do my nails myself whenever I like. I've found it so easy.

  11. Can you do a tutorial on how to prep a clear gel stamper?

  12. It looks like the surface gets quite bumpy

  13. Helpful!! But I would like to know which product do you personally prefer??

  14. i want to try this so bad but they’re so expensive ?

  15. Tried this and idk what I'm doing wrong but I get a couple days and then chipping and lifting!! It is also NOT odorless.

  16. I got my nails done like this professionally for about 3 months and when I decided to let my nails have a break they were so thin and brittle. My nails are strong and naturally look like they've gotten painted like a manicure. But I wanted to change it up a bit. Wouldn't recommend. It took me months to nurse my nails back to being strong.

  17. when applying multiple coats, how do you avoid your brush getting basically cemented together? I brush it off on a paper towel inbetween, but ruin one everytime i do a full hand. any suggestions?!

  18. I don't have the normal dip powder systems but i do have Orly's repair kit that is quite similar. It contains a powder, a glue and a buffer.I repaired a nail a few weeks ago and it worked great so i imagine that this powders are great for brittle nails.
    I prefer normal nail polish but i am thinking to purchase just the base and a clear powder for giving my nails a little help when they are long .

  19. I got a Color club dip powder set at Walmart for $20 it only comes with 3 colors but it works great and I don't think it has as many steps so that might be a better option if you're looking for something cheaper.

  20. You remind me of Dakota johnson

  21. استمري يا مبدعة??❤❤???❤❤❤

  22. What I really really wanted to know was do you have to completely remove a set to put on a new set or can you perform an infill

  23. Doesn’t dip powders also look a little patchy?

  24. I've used gelish dip powder and while filming I knocked it over had to spend 15 mins to scoop it back up lol. The glue is very strong in gelish brand but it's quick.

  25. So if you have an allergy to acetone can this work better? My nails get brittle with regular polish and I had to stop using it because my nails would tear it appears I may be semi-allergic to it now.

  26. 100 dollars?I wanted to buy it but now I don't think i need it that much!???

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