PURPLE GLAM Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial!






  1. Sweety's!! Hope you like the purple look I created today. It has a high glam factor haha! ❤️ Much love for all of you. The love you give me every single time means the world to me! Just know that I started doing this as a very insecure person and I would have never thought that so many people would enjoy my videos. I want you to believe in yourself! You can achieve everything if you believe in yourself ❤️

  2. Lo blanco k pone sobre sombra Violeta es prebase o puede usar corrector

  3. Love all your eye makeup videos! Simply the best!

  4. I think it’s a shame to put lovely shades on your lids only to put concealer on top. Is there no other way? I feel it’s a waste of shades.

  5. Oi! Você é a YouTuber mais criativa! Sucesso sempre!

  6. Love all of your eye looks! You should do more full face tutorials ! You’re beautiful and SOOOO talented and i enjoy watching your work!

  7. tu est jouli même moi mon prénom est moche marwa est toi a ton avis

  8. tell me plz which is the best eye lash glue i have try many types lash glue but not stay so plz tell me you best glue plz telllllllll i will wait ur answer

  9. Plz….sweetheart do u bridal eyes makeup….u r just awesome

  10. I love this tutorial! Thank you

  11. This look is really really pretty! U r IT!!!!!

  12. Where can you get the makeup geek from

  13. This is so pretty!!!

  14. You're so pretty! I'm subscribing ?

  15. Echt heel fijn datje ook verteld welke kwasten je gebruikt !!

  16. You always have such beautiful eye looks….

  17. You always have such beautiful eye looks!! TFS Luv!!!

  18. I'm so living for this look, purple is everything and you make it look so beautiful ???

  19. I love it An! You always come thru girl!!!! Yesssssss…….!!!!!

  20. This was so pretty??? I liked how you explained each step and the reason for using certain products. I watch all your videos but this one just seemd a bit more in-depth. Great!???

  21. Finally someone that actually does makeup without trying to sell the products

  22. i love this look!!!!!!!!!! ??

  23. I'm a new follower here and I absolutely love all your videos, you are one of the best

  24. حلو حلو حلو و الله حلو و الله جنني جنني

  25. precioso tu maquillaje, no dejare de resaltar tu trabajo, toda una profesional.

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