Purple Raven Hair Transformation


  1. I call Mary an Elastic Woman, what's your Super Power?

  2. aaaawwww would like to try that hair color someday it's amazing

  3. Random question but does any hairdressers out there know what would be the best color to dye over Orange/brassy hair ? my hairs LONG & my wedding is too pricey to go to a salon ? i need something cute & cheap if possible ?? helpppop!!!

  4. She looked good as a blonde

  5. Lol that color is not magenta…. Its purple and blue looks like raven

  6. Omg wish you could do those colors on my head simply beautiful

  7. I don't think she was arrogant. she just seemed somewhat insecure/uncomfortable. she's probably very introverted. Her strong/beautiful features threw people off in the comments. Guy handled it beautifully.

  8. The new color made her eye color more intense Girl you better own it!!!

  9. She's hypermobile and if she keeps doing that she will end up causing a lot of damage to get joints and tendons. Cool party trick, serious medical issues.

  10. I love purple raven!! ??Can purple raven go on light orange base!? Or has to be blonde?? ???

  11. I can't catch what brand he's using for bleach.

  12. Some of the people on Instagram post the real life

  13. I swear 13:48 when he started singing i instantly liked and love you guy tang

  14. Could I use these dyes straight onto grey hair without the developer.

  15. talking normally explaining everything “ARE YOU A VIRGIN?” Her face oh my god lol

  16. I love what you did with the colors and how it flows the magenta is beautiful great work ?

  17. Oh man. This was an interesting one.. As a lay person, and after reading some comments, it seems to me both hair stylists and clients contribute to this whole virgin hair debacle. I think hair stylists encounter a lot of clients who don’t know what virgin hair is, so they become frustrated and have shorter fuses when it comes to the subject – which can, then, come off as condescending and degrading to a client. Maybe hair stylists should have a poster (or whatever) that explains what virgin hair is and isn’t, as well as the consequences of doing certain processes on non-virgin hair? That may very well already exist, but I guess all I’m trying to say is, try to make sure clients are informed? On the clients’ side of things, of course they should educate themselves, listen to their hair stylists, and be respectful. I think it’s easy to see how clients can contribute to this problem (any customer service-like job can teach you certain customers can be problematic), so I won’t go too into it. But yeah. Idk. I guess all I’m trying to say is: everyone should try to keep an open mind to others’ perspectives – that goes for the whole anxiety and depression thing too, but that’s a whole other comment.

  18. dude he made the model cry… what a fart. then tried fake ass complimenting her the entire video just to look good. why am i even watching this lol.

  19. She looks amazing with blonde hair!!!

  20. This model is insanely gorgeous, and obviously intelligent.

  21. lol that chick was so pissed she got called out

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