Purple Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial Using NYX!


  1. Hey honeys!! Here's a video using more affordable products ♡♡ Hope you enjoy the video.
    In the video I'm mentioning how hard it was to work with this palette, I find it so unfortunate because I also received to warm toned palettes.. Let me know if you still want me to make a video using one of these or both. Loveyou!!! ♡♡♡♡

  2. I was so excited when we got NYX makeup products here in Finland and bought two eye shadow palettes. At first I thought I suck because I don't practise that much doing makeup. Then I realized those palettes were both so rubbish! I was so disappointed and threw them away quickly. What a waste of money! ? But this makeup look looks good though as every look you do ?

  3. Very good I trust your makeup I love you ?

  4. fabulous u r so good i like u

  5. Loved this video, looks beautiful. I tried this palette and made a mess of my eyes Lol. so great to know that it's not just me that felt it was difficult to use!

  6. saludos desde Perú, felicitaciones me encanta sus maquillajes

  7. This is amazing, keep up the good work!

  8. Hey beautiful…just wanted to let you know on the off chance you didn't, that Rihanna's new line is holding a open call for makeup artists & I truly don't understand why brands haven't snatched you up to do their print work makeup. You are a truly amazing artist. You can find the info on the open call by searching Fenty Beauty. If they don't hire you immediately, they're nuts!

  9. Swatched this palette at the store, it is indeed to look at but is horrible to swatch. NO PIGMENT and hard as a rock!

  10. please make the eyes with red and gold for me and i love your art

  11. The white color is what the name sis??

  12. love it so .. i hope i ll be good as you

  13. Meu Deus que perfeito…essa mulher arrasa

  14. It still looks gorgeous!! ??

  15. Everything what you do looks so good, I love this look. When you came online live?❤

  16. Hey, Anny. You always do a beautiful job. NYX products give me a hard time, too.

  17. جميع فيديوهاتك عن مكياج العيون فقط . ..يا ريت باقي الوجه أيضا تصوريه شكرآ لك

  18. Haha I've always loved how you call it a "Cat Wing" you're so cute ?

  19. Very beautiful and precisely as usual ??

  20. Wow! An it might have been a little tough to use but oh my Lord this is gorgeous!!!! The way those colors came together is magical, but of course so are all the looks you make!? I think it may be just that palette, NYX has never given me a problem but I don't do what you do? I would love to see what you can do with a Coastal Sense palette. I saw someone in here mention it, and give NYX another shot.??

  21. Hey An !! ❤️ Can you please make a video with the best eyeshadow palettes ? I will appreciate it a lot ? I wanna know your opinion about this issue ..

  22. This looks pretty but i can see what you mean with the way they apply. Can u use the nyx ultimate pallete in warm neutrals? I wanna create a look with it but i need you lol

  23. This look is very unique I really like it good job

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